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Tunku Varadarajan is famous as an Indian Writer and a Journalist who also served as the editor of Newsweek Global and Newsweek International. Besides, he also made his fame through the contribution he made at the Hoover Institution. The writer also made his way to the Executive Editor at Forbes and made his name more […]

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Chris Long, well-known being defensive end of NFL is one of the most searched and appealed celebrities for now. As the trend of following players than celebrities are more these days, fans and followers often searching for their personal life and affairs. Today, in this column, we will be discussing Chris Long married life insight […]

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Is it a career, money or business that makes a person successful? Well, not in case of everyone around. We are talking about Guy Fieri who feels it’s his wife who supported him to gain success. Guy Fieri married wife Lori Fieri in the year 1995 and since then they are living blissfully in their […]

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Boxing Champion Andre Ward has announced his retirement from the boxing on Thursday with a video shared on his twitter. Undefeated light heavyweight champion Andre is at the age of 33 and holds great records in his prolific career. Let’s learn the details about his careern, net worth, retirement, and wiki-bio. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ✌🏽https://t.co/FTBBwubLsd pic.twitter.com/dtQppu8pAZ — Andre […]

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If you are a song lover, then you must have heard the song “I’m Not Racist” and “I’m Sorry.” Yes, we are talking about the mixtape artists “Joyner Lucas” which stage name is better known than his real name Gary Lucas. Let’s learn about Joyner Lucas wiki. Yes, we are talking about American Rap Artist […]

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If you love driving and you like fast cars racing, then you must be familiar with the name Martin Truex Jr. who loves driving quality equipment. Truex Jr. is an American professional car racing driver. He currently races full-time in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series and won the 2017 NASCAR Cup champion. He believes he has […]

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Dr. Michael Lavigne is a successful American Veterinarian as well as a reality TV actor. He performs the treatment and surgery on animals at the hospital. His clinical practices include all aspects of general treatment like soft tissue surgery and emergency medical care. The versatility he has achieved is down to over ten years of experience in […]