Hazel Moder Bio, Net Worth, Movies, Parents, Wiki

Daughter of American actress and producer, Hazel Moder played small roles in some movies starring opposite her mother. She is of very secretive nature who likes to keep herself away from the limelight. These are some information about her professional life but what about her personal life. To know more stay on our page. Hazel […]

Alexandra Ortiz’s Family Life, Boyfriend, Parents, Siblings, Net Worth, Earnings, Facts, Wiki-Bio

Most girls tend to have their life partner similar to their father’s shadow. Alexandra Ortiz also wishes to have a future spouse like her father, David Ortiz regarding characteristics and behaviors. Ortiz rose to stardom when she sang the national anthem at Ortiz’s final home-opener for the Boston Red Sox in 2016. Want to know her […]

Arnelle Simpson Bio, Married, Husband, Net Worth, Daughter

Many of you might not be familiar with Arnelle Simpson but her last name Simpson might be familiar to most. The name, Simpson is frequently used as it is associated with the mysterious and gruesome murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Arnelle Simpson is well known for her strong defenses against her dad OJ […]

Louis Ferrigno Jr. Net Worth, Wife, Children, Family

Louis Ferrigno Jr. lies upon one of those star kids from Hollywood who made name for themselves because of their hard work and determination. He is famous for working in the television series like Stargirl; How I Met Your Mother, Teen Wolf, The Young and the Restless; Nicky, Ricky, and Dicky; Mutt & Stuff among […]

Stephanie Hayden Net Worth, Married, Dating, Boyfriend

What does five-year-old kid do? Playing toys?? but not in the case of a child version of beautiful reality TV star and firearms specialists Stephanie Hayden. The beautiful lady got introduced to real guns at a very young age and her love for guns hasn’t changed since then. Stephanie love for her guns can be […]

Estere Ciccone Age, Father, Mom, Net Worth, Career

There are many children who do not have a mother and father but only a few of them are lucky to be adopted by their foster parents. Ester Ciccone is a very lucky child; she not only was adopted but the adoption was done by a legendary Pop singer, Madonna. Madonna decided to take Estere and her […]

Lalania Hudson Age, Parents, Mother, Father, Siblings, Cousin

Know about Bill Hudson‘s Daughter Lalania Hudson Age, Now, Relationships, and more. If somebody wants to make their name known in the world, then they must do something outstanding or extraordinary. Else, they must have some form of relationship with some well-known personality. The Snippet of Lalania Hudson Image Source: Body Height Weight Lalania Hudson […]

Justin Ryan Simpson’s Net Worth, Earnings, Salary, Dating Affairs, Relationship, Girlfriend, Age, Facts, Wiki-Bio

Losing mother at the age of five and then seeing his father convicted of his mother’s murder, Justin Ryan Simpson, suffered from tough situations during his childhood. His future seemed to be darkened and jeopardized by these difficult events. Ryan, however, pulled up the courage not only to cope through these terrible conditions but also […]

Asaad Amin Age, Siblings, Net Worth, Wife, Mother, Sons

There is a trend that most of the children follow in their father’s footsteps such as son/daughter becomes a doctor if father/mother is a doctor. But Asaad Amin is an exception to this trend, despite, being a son of the legendary boxer, he decided to follow his heart and started his career in baseball. Asaad […]

Kishele Shipley Wiki, Ethnicity, Parents, Sister, Pregnant, Baby

Kishele Shipley is one of those names who rose to fame only because of their partners rather than their own career. She is famous to the world as the partner of Kawhi Leonard, a pro-NBA Player. Kawhi who plays his trade in different team and successful career. And many curious fans of him want to […]

Jojo Zarur Age, Ethnicity, Parents, Net Worth, Father, Mother

Born with a silver spoon, JoJo Zarur enjoys the lavish lifestyle from her childhood. With millionaire father, she was introduced into the lavish fashion style world which helps her pursue her career as a hip hop fashion stylist. With A-listed hip hop artist to her client’s list, she is one of the richest fashion stylists […]