Jaymes Foster Bio, Net Worth, Clay Aiken, Child Support, Instagram, Age

Jaymes Foster is the sister of a well-known musician and producer, David Foster. Moreover, she managed to gain huge fame after giving birth to Clay Aiken‘s son. Aside from that, she kept her life away from the limelight. Foster and Aiken did not share a lover’s relationship. In fact, their relationship was straightly platonic in […]

Who is Fashion Consultant Clinton Kelly Married to? More About His Career and Gay Life!

Among the entire fashion consultants in the USA, Clinton Kelly is the name to be in the top of the list. Yes, he is one popular guy when it comes to being fashion and styles. In the profession, there is no single person to compete with him, but we are not just talking about his […]

Is Youtube Star Shane Dawson Secretly Dating someone or Still Single? Did Rumored Gay Vlogger found a new partner? Scroll To Know About His Relationship.

YouTuber Shane Dawson loves to date girls. However, here is a different story about him. After breaking up with girlfriend Lisa Schwartz, he was reportedly dating, boyfriend Ryland Adams. Is it enough to judge his Sexuality? Is Dawson a gay? So, without any delay lets jump into the pond of information. Also, Shane is in the limelight […]

Lydia Polgreen Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Career, Parents, Family

Who runs the world? Obviously, Girls and the Gays! The ever hard-working and inspiring, Lydia Polgreen can be taken as one the greatest examples for all the kids who want to pursue a career in journalism. The editor in chief for the HuffPost who is also a role model for LGBTQ+ people in the United […]

Eric Millegan’s Married Life, Gay Partner, Net Worth, Movies, Earnings, Age, Height, Siblings, Wiki-Bio

Eric Millegan is famous for his role as Dr. Zack Addy in one of the hit American Tv series, Bones (2005-2017). Besides this, he also gained popularity from some Hollywood movies such as On_Line (2002). Apart from professional life, Eric Millegan is popular for being a gay actor. Well, are you interested to know about his personal […]

Sasha Lane’s Gay, Single, Wiki-Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Salary, Personal Life

There are only a few actors who are open about their sexuality and Sasha Lane is one of them. The actress came as gay in 2018 during the promotions of The Miseducation of Cameron Post at Sundance Film Festival. Lane is openly bisexual and never hesitate to raise voice for LGBTQ rights. Besides that, she […]

The Oscar-Winning Actor Kevin Spacey’s Gay Admission; Apologizes To Anthony Rapp For Alleged Sexual Advances! Also, Know His Wiki-Bio!

The double Oscar winner Kevin Spacey apologized to Star Trek Discovery actor Anthony Rapp and came out as a ‘Gay’ man. Kevin Spacey‘s world completely turned upside down on Sunday after Anthony Rapp, 46, accused him of making a sexual advance on him 31-years ago when he was 14. According to Buzzfeed News, Rapp claimed that Spacey […]

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It is hard to believe that the hunky and gifted actor Lucas Cruikshank is gay sex. He is an American actor known for the web series Fred. Regardless of his intra-sexual inclination, it does not seem to have affected his career at all. Lucas collects a huge amount of sum from the industry and it […]

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Everyone’s match is not made in heaven and doesn’t last long even made on earth and the same goes with Onno Hoes. He and his life partner of many years finally called it quits because of Onno’s extramarital affairs. Well, the former Mayor of Maastricht, Netherland, Onno Hoes involved in a big scandal which ultimately […]

Chadwick Boseman AKA Black Panther Isn’t Dating Anyone? Has He Kept His Girlfriend Hidden Somewhere or Is He Just Gay?

How can anyone possibly forget Black Panther from Captain America: Civil War. One of the coolest superheroes from one of the coolest movie. Chadwick Boseman, who has also portrayed Jackie Robinson in film ’42’ is a guy who can get into anyone’s heart. But it’s a shame that no one has been able to enter into […]

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After working and experiencing in many prestigious companies, David Chalian is one of the well-known men in the journalism world.  Currently, he is serving at the CNN as Vice president of political coverage and also a political director. While working in the ABC News David Chalian was a part of Emmy Awards winning team that produced […]

Is Sean Teale Gay or Straight, is He Dating a Girlfriend? Know His Net Worth, Wiki-Bio, Age, Height, and Weight

The fame that comes with the entertainment industry is very hard on people’s sexual orientation. Playing a gay role can actually set the actual sexual orientation of the actor portraying the role in question. Sean Teale is one of those people who actually fell prey to such rumors but fans are not yet in clear waters regarding […]