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Tiffany Espensen whose biological parents left her at the hospital step at just 13 months found a new world with her American parents and now shinning in the industry with her flourishing talents in the acting business. The Chinese American actress Tiffany entered the entertainment industry from a tender age and won the millions of […]

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Can anyone earn a decent movie by just being a film critic? The answer is yes, and John Campea could be a great example of that. John Campea is a YouTuber who does movie reviews and in addition, performs producing and writing on the site. He has his own YouTube channel and he is also […]

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When starting at the bottom, be willing to learn from those at the top, so did actress Tammy MacIntosh to gain mastery in the entertainment industry. Beginning as a reporter, MacIntosh admired the successful actresses, followed them and learned valuable lessons from them to built a successful career. MacIntosh managed to establish herself as a well-recognized actress […]

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Sturdy, dependable actress Kathleen Wilhoite adroitly played supporting roles in American films from the early ’80s. She began with feature work, in pictures of somewhat dubious quality, such as the 1983 exploitationer Private School, Sidney Lumet thriller, The Morning After (1986), and Brenda Starr (1993).  So, you have various queries related to her personal life, don’t […]

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Rebekka Johnson is an American actress, comedian, and writer who is recognized for her role as Dawn Rivecca on Netflix’s wrestling comedy GLOW. The famous actress was featured on MTV’s prank show Boiling Points. Rebekka has also been performing with her musical comedy group, The Apple Sisters with Kimmy Gatewood and Sarah Lowe since 2007. She […]

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Successful in establishing herself as one of the entertainment industry’s top women to watch, Denise Vasi gained her stardom from years of her dedication and diligence. Starting as a model, Denise tried her hands in acting where she gained immense success. Famous for appearing in ABC’s soap opera All My Children, Vasi also featured in several other […]

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Doreen Gentzler has been active in the journalism world for many years now and currently, she works as a news anchor. But over the period of many years in her long career, she has done it all whether as a health reporter or just random reporter. She has worked really hard to get where she […]

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Blair Herter is a fan favorite TV personality who during early in his career, worked for the MTV programs G-Hole and Road Rules. Herter, above all, is mainly known for co-hosting the first season of American Ninja Warrior and for his works on G4 Network and highly rated MTV programs. The 38 years old TV […]

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