Fashion icon/actor David Anders who is rumored to be gay dating someone? Let’s see who is his mysterious partner.

Coming out being gay or bisexual sure requires guts and along with it comes criticism from people who don’t support LGBT rights. Be it a celebrity or an ordinary individual; it’s a tough job to come out in public and wanting to be accepted by people. Stars in showbiz have also started coming out to their […]

Is Edie Falco still single or is she finally dating a boyfriend after all these years? Is her lover a girl? Get all the details about her lesbian speculation!

  Edie Falco has a huge fan base amongst whom half are lesbians and are crazily in love with her. Does she confirm to be a lesbian? Or does she break everyone’s heart by announcing that she has a new lover in town? Get all the update on this news. Also, we have more about […]