Melissa Tittl Bio, Net Worth, Husband, Chad Weller, Instagram, Family, Age

Melissa Tittl is a well-known producer and writer. Furthermore, she specializes in non-fiction subjects. Moreover, she claims that “truth is stranger than fiction“. The multi-talented writer considers herself an investigative journalist. In fact, she thrives in the government conspiracy and science field. And currently, Tittl works as the Head of Content and Development for GAIA. […]

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Camilla Rambaldi is a well-known TV journalist. Moreover, she anchors news on Fox San Antonio. Aside from her work, she also loves going on hikes and exploring. The talented news reporter managed to draw a huge following on social media. In fact, she uses Facebook and Twitter regularly. Keep reading to find out her relationship […]

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Emma Vigeland is an American journalist. Moreover, she works as the co-host of “Majority Report”. Furthermore, the talented reporter started her journey back in 2017. Vigeland managed to gain a huge number of followers on her social media accounts. In fact, the reporter currently holds 37.7k followers on her Instagram account. Emma Vigeland: Early Life, […]

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Age is just a number that humans count to know how many years of lives passed. It is never too late to engage in married life. However, if someone is living a single life until late, then questions about dating life and marital life will certainly surround them most of the time. Queries about 41-year-old […]

CNN Reporter Kaitlan Collins Is Happily Dating Her Boyfriend But When Is The Wedding?

The relationship between Donald Trump and the American media houses is full of conspiracies. Mostly, CNN is often seen reporting in contradiction of president Trump, unlike FOX News that usually supports him. After the American journalist, Kaitlan Collins was barred for enquiring earlier about Mr. Cohen and Russian President’s deferred visit from a Rose Garden event, […]

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Opportunities do not knock the door over and over again in life. Same goes to the sportscaster Kristen Ledlow who unlocked her fortune right after she grabbed the opportunity to work with NBA network. Ledlow is a popular face of NBA TV program NBA Inside Stuff. Besides her successful career, she has always been a […]

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Vanderpump Rule’s undeniable villain Jax Taylor and girlfriend Brittany Cartwright are back again despite the cheating allegation, and according to sources, the couple is talking marriage. Jax Taylor, who has a long list of dating history is he finally going to settle down for good? Also, many of his fans are curious to know the reason Jax Taylor cheated on […]

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Laura Hettiger, an American journalist, is a popular name in the news Network who has won the Emmy Award for her work as a General Assignment Reporter. However, an interesting post about her personal life on her Instagram profile has raised eyebrows among her viewers. With that post, Laura is buzzing on the internet for […]

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Reynolds Wolf surpasses his age with his charming personality and a perfect family. In fact, it is amazing how his happy family of four children and his wife whom he often takes out for an outing and traveling despite his busy schedule. What are the reasons behind all his charming personality and happy married life? […]

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He earned the recognition of new generation political journalist who prioritized data based coverage in spite of campaign based reporting. It must have rung right name in your head. We are talking about an American Journalist, Harry Enten, senior writer and analyst for CNN Politics. Also, he has the glory of media and communication on […]

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Shimon Prokupecz is an American journalist for CNN where his job is to report about crime and justice. He became the producer of CNN in 2013 and began covering FBI news and security-related agencies in the YSA. His notable works include reporting of Justice Departmental charges against Senator Robert Menedez and the 2016 Pulse Nightclub […]

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There is no denying that winning a beauty pageant opens doors to hundreds of other opportunities. The same goes for Allie LaForce who worked as a host and reporter for various channels. There is no doubt that LaForce has a successful career so far, but what about her personal life? Is she married to husband or dating […]