Is Alexa Schiff Really Dating the Whistleblower?

Being born to a politician has its perks and cons as well, but what about dating a whistleblower? Well, Alexa Schiff enjoys the privilege as the daughter of the U.S Representative for California’s 28th congressional district, Adam Schiff. Besides her reputed ties, Schiff is entirely accomplished on her career as well. The year 2020 linked her into a significant […]

Eric Ciaramella and his Whistleblower Allegations!

Eric Ciaramella rose to fame at an instant with a strong allegation as a whistleblower in the American government. The charismatic personality is a CIA analyst and a former National Security Council under both Obama and Trump’s leadership.  The worst part of being a whistleblower probably comes when getting caught. Ciaramella currently experienced a similar […]