Sydney Brooke Simpson is the daughter of the infamous former National Football League Player O.J Simpson, who is popular for his acquittal and murder charge of wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her companion Ron Goldman. Now, Sydney Brook is serving as a caterer and real estate agent. Is she dating someone?

With the dreadful past, Sydney Brooke Simpson is overcoming her bygone days, converse about murders but adores dragging herself out of the limelight. Rumour has it that Simpson, daughter of O.J Simpson is dating ex-convict Robert Blackmon. Is it true? We’ll talk that point here!

Let’s explore her dating affairs, boyfriends, relationship with father O.J Simpson, scary past; she dwelt in, her net worth, career, height, and Wiki-Bio.

Who is Sydney Brooke Simpson dating? Does she have a boyfriend? Is She dating an ex-con, Robert Blackmon?

Unlike others, Sydney Brooke Simpson is not married yet and has no children yet, but is currently in a relationship with Robert Blackmon. The couple rarely appears in public, and also there are no rumors of marriage. She prefers to stay away from the media avoiding her appearance in the media.

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Before dating Robert Blackmon, she had dating affairs with Stuart Alexander Lee from 2007 to 2012. She met him after graduation and moved to Atlanta with Lee who confronted ex Sydney as a hardworking woman, yet scared of fame along her dark past.

Sydney Brooke Simpson in a romantic relationship with Robert Blackmon
Sydney Brooke Simpson is in a romantic relationship with city council candidate Robert Blackmon

Source; Married Wiki

Simpson is in a romantic relationship with city council candidate Blackmon, who was once charged with hit and run case. Blackmon is a real estate investor as well as the colleague of her younger brother Justin Simpson.

The pair have been rumored to be dating since last year. But, as the talks spread like a fire, Blackmon spoke up and denied dating Simpson, revealing they are just good friends. Talking about his relationship with Simpson, he shared

“No comment. She’s a good friend of mine, but we’re not dating. She’s been selflessly supporting me and not worried about herself. The entire Simpson families are great people. They’ve been great friends to me.”  

Is this the truth or is Blackmon lying? We are not so sure as the lady doesn’t like to share much about her love affairs with the public. We wouldn’t know until she herself reveals the truth.

Sydney Brooke Simpson’ Career! How much is her net worth?

Initially, Sydney Brooke Simpson served as the caterer and then, a real estate agent. She worked in a restaurant business with Justin, younger brother in 2014.

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Presently, she is doing well in her life and has started her own business a few years earlier in St. Petersburg, Florida. She is living a busy independent life working at her restaurant, Simpsy LLC.

It is estimated that Sydney Brooke’s net worth is around $500 thousand. She is living in her own newly purchased house at the Tampa Bay area.

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Brooke also acquires three properties along with a restaurant in St. Petersburg, Florida. Through her net worth, Brooke is living a lavish lifestyle.

Sydney Brooke Simpson, though has just a fortune of around $500 thousand, her father O J Simpson has a net worth of $3 million. However, following his time in jail, her dad’s wealth has declined to a mere $250,000

Robert Blackmon, Sydney’s boyfriend, in contrast to her $500 thousand of net worth, holds a fortune of around $1 million as of 2019. He made his worth as a politician and a real estate investor. Yearly, he makes around $100 thousand to $300 thousand from his career. 

Sydney Brooke Simpson, Daughter of O.J Simpson

Sydney Brooke Simpson is the daughter of former National Football League Player O.J Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson. When Sydney was just eight years old, she witnessed her mother brutally murdered along with her friend Ronald Goldman who was stabbed in the chest and neck.

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Her father was the primary suspect. However, O.J Simpson freed from charge following eight months up to and down of the custody grip.

In 2016, the legal murder trial of O.J. Simpson was turned into a miniseries by FX. The show, American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson got great acclaim from the critics.  It had actors like John Travolta, Sterling K. Brown, and also, David Schwimmer.

O.J. Simpson with wife Nicole Brown Simpson and kids Sydney Brooke Simpson and Justin Simpson
O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson’s Kid- Sydney Brooke Simpson and Justin Simpson

Image Source; Pinterest

She does not want to mess around as her father did. Brooke seems satisfied with what she possesses and comparatively is living a more meaningful life than her parents.

Sydney Brooke Simpson’ Wiki Facts; Age, Education and Early life!

Sydney Brooke Simpson was born on 17th October 1985 in the United States of America. She attended Boston University and graduated with a Bachelors degree in arts. Later, she also joined the College of Arts and Science and graduated in sociology in 2010.

Sydney Brook chilhood photo
Sydney Brook childhood photo.

Currently, Sydney Brooke Simpson is 33 and lives in St. Petersburg, Florida. Sydney Brooke has got a chubby body size with simple dressing style. However, Brooke looks exactly like a plus-sized model with a slightly flat body and elegant face.

She is blessed with silky natural brown hair. Similarly, she has freezing hazel shaded eyes. Whenever seen, Sydney Simpson is always cuddled up with casual dresses and least make up. As a matter of fact, she doesn’t dwell on makeup at all.

Quick Facts of Sydney Brooke Simpson

How old is Sydney Brooke Simpson?

33 years old

Who are Sydney Brooke Simpson’s parents?

OJ Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson

Who are Sydney Brooke Simpson’s siblings?

Justin Ryan, Arnelle, Aaren, and Jason Simpson

What is Sydney Brooke Simpson’s nationality?


What is Sydney Brooke Simpson’s ethnic background?


Under which sign was Sydney Brooke Simpson born under?


What color are Sydney Brooke Simpson’s eyes?


How tall is Sydney Brooke Simpson?

5 feet 8 inches

From where did Sydney Brooke Simpson graduate?

College of Arts and Science, Boston Uniersity (2010)

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