While the work of journalists never ends there are many who give their best to without complaining. Suzanne Malveaux falls under such category whose quest for curiosity and responsibleness paved her way to be one of the highly respected journalists in the industry.

Having interviewed some of the great personalities such as former American Presidents; Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, her work just speaks about the credentials she holds. Now, you might have been familiar with her professional works but what about her private life. Let’s see if Suzanne has married in her life or not?

Who Is Suzanne Malveaux?

Suzanne Malveaux is an American news journalist who currently works at the CNN. Earlier in her career, she worked in news channel such as New England Cable News, WRC-TV, NBC, etc.

The lady served as the panelist in the 2008 Presendital Election Candidate in South Carolina on January 2008. Furthermore, Malveaux also played the key role in 2004 election coverage and Emmy winning election coverage the same year.

How Is Suzanne Malveaux’s Relaitonship Status? Is She Married Or Dating Someone?

Suzzane Malveaux’s relaitonship status is a mystery. But many believed that she is a married lady and is in a matrimonial tie-up with her spouse.

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The female journalist, however, is yet to disclose the identity of her husband until now. Quite secretive! Regardless, of her secretive nature, hopefully, she is residing a happy life with her close ones.

As a journalist, Suzanne is pretty busy with her own works right now. Though active on various social media platforms, she is rarely active on any of it. Seems like she prefers to live a peaceful and attention free life.

How Much Net Worth Does Suzanne Malveaux Possess? What About Her Earnings?

Suzanne Malveaux has a net worth of $2 million which she made from her professional journalism career. The average salary of a reporter in the US is between $49,970-$64,647 in a year.

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Though someone with the expertise and talent in the field as the veteran anchor surely earns bucks handsomely. She has worked in prestigious news channel such as CNN, NBC, WRC-TC, and so on.

Check out the clip of Suzanne Malveaux doing her work!

Hence, there is little concerns about whether or not Suzanne lives a luxurious life.

Body Measurements: Suzanne Malveaux

Suzanne Malveaux stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 meters) and weighs around 58 Kg (127 lbs). Similarly, she has blonde hair with a pair of beautiful eyes.

Quick Facts: Suzanne Malveaux

Where and when was Suzanne Malveaux born?

Lasing, Michingan, United States Febrauary 21, 2008 

Who are Suzanne Malveaux’s parents?

Myrna Maria Ruiz and Floyd J. Malveaux

Does Suzanne Malveaux have any siblings?

Suzette M. Malveaux, Courtney M. Malveaux, and Georgory F. Malveaux

What is Suzanne Malveaux’s nationality?


What ethnicity does Suzanne Malveaux belong to?

Mixed (Spanish, African, French)

Where did Suzanne Malveaux receive her education?

Howard University 

What is Suzanne Malveaux’s zodiac sign?


Which color hair does Suzanne Malveaux possess?


What is Suzanne Malveaux’s eye color?


How old is Suzanne Malveaux?

52 years old 

How tall is Suzanne Malveaux?

5 feet 6 inches. 

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