Amidst the 70s, an Australian drama television series, The Sullivans captivated audience’s heart, making it top-rated series in Australia. You must have contended Kitty Sullivan, where the character was shy, sensitive on the aftermath of World War and demure.

Yes! We are talking about Susan Hannaford now, who lately made a public appearance after years of hibernation and she had got us amused. Why? Stay tuned with us!  Susan’s latest buzz is all about her jaw-dropping mansion.

We’ll uncover The Sullivans Susan Hannaford’ married life, husband, daughters, granddaughters, career, net worth, and wiki-bio.

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Susan Hannaford married to millionaire Emmanuel Margolin

Susan Hannaford created household names of Kitty Sullivan from the television series The Sullivans. But she disappeared from the limelight, leaving most of the internet mongers clueless as to where she had vanished to. Similarly, fans wondered whether she married and lived a blissful life with her husband.

Susan Hannaford The Sullivan, wiki, now, birthday, daughter, married, husband, career, net worth, age, bio, family, divorce
Caption; Susan Hannaford with Sunday Night’s Matt Doran

Picture credit; Herald Sun

Susan Hannaford married the millionaire, Emmanuel Margolin. He is the millionaire owner of the famous El Caballo Blanco dancing horses, who left Australia and resided overseas. According to Channel 7’s Sunday night, she was seen with two granddaughters in the giant mansion. Hence, not much is exposed about Susan Hannaford’s divorce.

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Susan Hannaford’ Daughters and Granddaughters

Susan Hannaford’ daughter came into limelight when she replied to Sunday night’s interrogation. The program suspected on remnant payment of Commonwealth Bank and her daughter responded.

“Sorry. Excuse me … I think there has been a lot of false reporting in the media and I’m just going to leave it at that for now. I’m sure my mum can elaborate on that, but that has been some… ..a tremendous amount of false reporting.”

Susan Hannaford resides in the bizarre world beyond Hollywood life. The Sunday night showcased Susan Hannaford’ granddaughter Bella and Dante driving inside a house with a white toy Mercedes car.

Susan Hannaford The Sullivan, wiki, now, birthday, daughter, married, husband, career, net worth, age, bio, family, divorce
Caption; Susan Hannaford, with her two grandchildren Dante and Bella are served in the mansion. Picture: Sunday Night

Susan Hannaford’ Net Worth

The Sunday night displayed her mansion’ net worth of $9 million in micro shorts and stilettos her once-brunette blocks peroxide-bleached. Susan Hannaford owns California property on Beverly Hills mansion.

Also, she owns the Internal Revenue Service of $1.5 million. Hannaford allegedly holds the Commonwealth Bank more than $4.65 million. The controversial queen Hannaford surprisingly answered when asked about her unbelievable net worth.

“Do you have difficulty with your IQ? because the questions you are asking me are insane.”

Susan Hannaford career

Susan Hannaford is best known as Kitty Sullivan in The Sullivans. She was a shy, sensitive, and demure character in Australian drama The Sullivans. Along the time, her character developed, where she struggled for the nursing course.

Susan Hannaford The Sullivan, wiki, now, birthday, daughter, married, husband, career, net worth, age, bio, family, divorc
Caption; From right: Susan Hannaford, Paul Cronin, Lorraine Bayly, Andrew McFarlane, Steven Tandy, and Richard Morgan

Picture Credit; Herald Sun

After the role in The Sullivans, she opened up her shop of dresses in Sydney’s Double Bay. Similarly, Hannaford struggled for acting roles in TV shows. She appeared in the social pages of Sydney newspaper and designed clothes when not acting.

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Susan Hannaford’ Wiki-Bio; Age, Height, and facts!

The 65 years old Susan Hannaford roamed along the Sunday Night in her tiny hot pants. Hence, her birth date falls around 1953. The Australian actress hyped the limelight with her extravagant property and lavish lifestyles.


Standing at the height of 5” 4’, Susan Hannaford bagged multi-award for her role in The Sullivans. Also, she devoted her time to The Bold and the Beautiful, a CBS television production.