Making a movie is not an easy task and it takes a group effort but the credit usually goes to the director and the actors only. The behind-the-scenes team are generally unrecognized but the effort of the crew involved in the herculean task is equally important.

Among the backstage team are makeup artists that help to shine the beauty of the actors. A renowned name in the world of makeup in Hollywood is Stephanie Cozart Burton. We will be talking about her relationships along with her net worth and wiki-bio.

What Is Stephanie Cozart Burton’s Relationship Status? Has She Married?

Stephanie Cozart Burton is a married woman and LeVar Burton is her husband. LeVar is a famous actor, presenter director, and author.

The couple tied the knot on October 3, 1992, and have been married for over two decades now. Before they united and took the vows of lifelong commitment, they dated for about a year.

After about 3 years of marriage, the husband and wife had a baby daughter in 1995 and named her Michaela Jean Burton.

The duo is content with their lives and gives equal time to their love life and professional life. They are happy with each other are not planning for their separation.

The romance and chemistry that they share has definitely helped them to endure the ups and downs of life. Stephaine is very open in terms of her past relationships.

Before LeVar, she dated John Matuszak, an American football defensive end who later became an actor. They were happy and committed in their affair in the 1980s.

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However, their busy schedule did not allow them to give their time to each other. This eventually resulted in their breakup. Among the pair, Stephanie is not the only one with the past.

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LeVar also was in a relationship and engaged. He also has a son, Evan, born in 1980 from his previous relationship. However, details about the woman and their relationship are unknown.

Stephanie Cozart Burton’s Net Worth and Career:

Stephanie Cozart Burton has a net worth of $6 million. She is an Emmy-award winning make-up artist. There are no details available concerning the value of her house, cars, real estate, and other assets. The credit for the accumulation of her fortune goes to her career in the movies as a makeup artist.

She mainly is famous for her contribution to movies like The Chat, In Living Color and White colored Men Can’t Leap. She also has earnings from her own beauty parlor.

Stephanie is a favorite make-up professional for numerous top celebrities of Hollywood so her salary is obviously on the high side. She also won a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Make-up. There are talks about Stephanie starting a new YouTube Channel for her business but progress in that front is unavailable to media.

Stephanie Cozart Wiki-Bio; Age, Early Life, and  Education

Stephaine Cozart Burton was born as Stephaine Cozart and in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. Her nationality is American and she is the daughter of Michaela who was professionally a hair designer within the industry. This was also a motivational factor for Stephaine to become a successful make-up artist.

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Stephaine currently owns her own beauty parlor and is busy making up to the goto list for top celebrities of Hollywood. During Stephaine’s early age, her father and mother divorced and her mother brought her up. During the time, she established a new parlor for her professional life.

Stephaine was good in her education and she also focused on her mother’s amazing hairstyling skill. Similarly, she used to visit the top parlor of the town and her professional career started in collaboration with her sister.

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She joined a parlor training at an early age and even started working in the parlor to gain experience. She also planned to establish her own fitness center but later diverted in her career within the field of beauty. Stephaine Cozart Burton did not even complete her graduation level from Indiana University Bloomington because of this.