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Who Is TV Star Gaz Beadle Dating After Charlotte Crosby? Who Is His New Girlfriend?

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Do you think it’s all over when your love life faces end? Well, not if you are rational. But, if you are irrational person, see through TV Star Gaz Beadle dating life. He used to be seen together with Charlotte Crosby in 2015, but now has a new girlfriend in his life. So, who is this new girl who has succeeded in placing life and heart to him? Let’s find out about his girlfriend and dating history!

Who Is Gaz Beadle Dating After Charlotte Crosby? His New Girlfriend Whereabouts!

Gaz Beadle, 28, is dating someone special, from the profession similar to his. Beadle was seen together with actress Emma McVey. As The Sun reports, the duo, Gaz and Emma started meeting since 2016 August. Before Gaz, Emma was seen together with Mario Falcone. In October 2016, they were seen together in Swish Manchester Restaurant.

It’s not like they are enjoying personal life by themselves. They also share their togetherness to the world through social media accounts. We think this is not yet another ending relation; they are damn serious.

Feel like I've got my right arm back after three whole days apart 🙈🙊

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Gaz Beadle’s Relation with Ex-Girlfriend Charlotte Crosby

Before Emma, Gaz was dating Charlotte Crosby, who is best known as TV star 2015. But, their relation came to an end after the truth of him cheating her. For now, Crosby is dating Ash Harrison.

Gaz Beadle with Ex-Girlfriend Charlotte Crosby
Gaz Beadle with Ex-Girlfriend Charlotte Crosby

The news was not true about Gaz, the mere rumour turned their relation upside down. Not long ago, they were known to be social butterflies who used to tweet about their daily life more often.

Charlotte, after breakup, came to know about her pregnancy, and uncovered it to the mass public. However, Gaz didn’t believe of what she said, and condemned being wrong information. Moreover, he also claimed never to be in physical relationship with Crosby.