If a couple is made for each other, it neither requires decades of acquaintance for them to become one nor years of years’ of staying apart can keep them apart forever. We are introducing to you one such couple who are celebrating almost two decades of their relationship, Stacey Sanner and her life partner Reggie Fils-Aime.

Stacey Sanner is a PR consultant, author, freelance journalist and also a photographer. Our primary focus is Sanner but since her husband, Aime is a pivotal part of both her career and personal life, we cannot neglect him. So, when did the couple get married and do they have any children? Moreover, how much is the net worth of Stacey Sanner?

Without any further delay, let’s find answers to the given and more questions that might arise on the spur of the moment regarding her wiki-facts.

Stacey Sanner Married Life, Who is Her Husband? What About Her Children?

The multi-disciplinarian Stacey Sanner is in a longterm married relationship with her boyfriend turned husband Reggie Fils-Aime. It has already been well over 8 years since the couple tied the knot in 2010. However, the exact date of their wedding is quite inaccessible.

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Going back in the history of their love affair, Sanner met the love of her life, Aime while working at VH1. Looking at their career history, this duo must have met before 2000 because Sanner left the VH1 in 2001.

Stacey Sanner talking to a policewoman. Photo Credit: Keeping a Blue Light On by Stacey Sanner

Initially, Aime asked her for a dinner date which Sanner kindly accepted. In response to their time together, Aime’s would-be-husband later described that he really enjoyed the time with her. Slowly and gradually they grew more and more intimate though they did not have the privilege of staying together throughout the duration of their romance.

As the saying goes, a long-awaited result is always the sweetest thing. They reportedly walked down the aisle finally ibn 2010 after dating for about a decade.

Stacey Sanner’s husband Reggie Fils Aime. Photo Credit: Den of Geek

Even after nearly a decade of their togetherness as a couple, Sanner and her spouse, Aime, are yet to become parents to any children. Considering Sanner’s age, the pair might never welcome any children together as she is already 58 years old.

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That said, Aime is the father of three children from his previous marriage. We can’t help but wonder he tries his best to remain silent regarding his failed marriage in the past. However, he is quite vocal about his children as he let his children play video games when they were still too young.

In nobody’s life does the past determine the future. The same goes for this man and wife as they share a glorious eighth year of their conjugal life without any rumors of divorce or controversies.

How Much is Stacey Sanner Worth?

As of 2019, Stacey Sanner has an estimated net worth of $8 million. Regarding the sources of her income, she has been in the field of Public Relations (PR) for over three decades. For your information, a PR officer averagely makes an income of $64,723 per year.

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She, furthermore, is also an author who published Keeping a Blue Light On: A Citizen’s Tribute to the Seattle Police Department (2010) The Amazon price of the book in the hardcover version is $5.97.

Stacey Sanner in support of Seattle Police. Photo Credit: Photographic Center Northwest

Previously, she even worked as a creative PR strategist at VH1 for five years between 1996 and 2001.

Most recently, she started her hands in photography and video productions. She owns an office “Stacey Sanner Productions” and produces video contents and photographies of social issues. In fact, she holds a great devotion towards the Seattle Police after she saw their dedication in the 9/11 incident.

In comparison to Sanner, her husband, Aime is far richer. The net worth of Reggie Fils-Aime is $40 million.

Wiki-Bio of Stacey Sanner

When are where was Stacey Sanner born?

on 26 July 1960 in Pennsylvania, United States

What is the nationality of Stacey Sanner?


What is the age of Stacey Sanner?

58 years old

Who are the parents of Stacey Sanner?

Isobel Colt (mother) and Donald Sanner (father)