You might have beheld lots of boys being addicted to video games but finding a girl who is into it is infrequent. Out of few, the American YouTube sensation SSSniperWolf is the one who is making name and fame from gaming (particularly Call of Duty), cosplay and animation. With more than 13 million subscribers, the Youtuber has also hosted a game show of Fullscreen.

People recognize her by her YouTube name “SSSniperwolf” rather than her real name. With millions of fans adoring her personality, talent and gaming skills, she is marching ahead of many gamers, making her name.

Henceforth, people are willing to know about her dating life. So, who is her boyfriend? You must be wondering about the figure of her net worth.

Hence, let’s explore SSSniperwolf wiki, bio, boyfriend, net worth, age, height, parents, and family.

SSSniperwolf’s Boyfriend and Dating Life

Millions of boys adore girls who play video games all around the globe. SSSniperwolf is not only a famous YouTube personality but is also equally sporty and beautiful.

While millions of her male fans wish to date her,  The You Tuber has been in an on-and-off relationship with her boyfriend. But who is her boyfriend?

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SSSniperwolf is currently dating her partner, Evan Sausage who is also a vlogger. The duo met online and began a bond of friendship.

In regards to who started the conversation, it’s Evan, who started it. But, what did he say? SSSniperwolf’s first message read,

I would drag by b**ls through a field of broken glass just to hear you fart through a Walkie-Talkie. 

While most to the women don’t like these kinds of lines and don’t reply to such, SSSniperwolf is different. She replied and then, started the chatting and skyping sessions.

Gradually, their friendship turned into a relationship about which she revealed in a video posted in 2015. Moreover, she and her boyfriend even hinted her viewers about them getting married.

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However, in May 2016, SSSniperwolf posted a video titled We Broke Up. Following that, she uploaded other videos like Break Up Update, and How We Got Back Together.

Despite having on-off dating affairs, the duo is still together. She posted a few photos of her along with her love.

As of now, SSSniperwolf is in a blissful romantic relationship with her boyfriend. If everything goes right, the duo might end up getting married someday.

Since 2o18, the star has not uploaded any pictures with her boyfriend due to which their fans speculated that they broke up. The couple, however, has not mentioned anything yet.

SSSniperwolf’s Net worth

As of now, the star has an estimated net worth of $2 million. Moreover, the star makes $29.6 thousand – $474.3 thousand monthly and $355.7 thousand – $5.7M yearly.

Speaking of SSSniperwolf net worth, her YouTube career has undoubtedly helped her to open multiple doors to explore her potentials and increase her net worth.

She has signed partnership deals with Activision, EA, Ubisoft, and Disney. Unlike others, she receives endorsement deals from videos games.

Forbes listed SSSniperwolf in their 2017 list of Top Influencers in the Gaming category. But what’s the figure of her net worth?

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Check out the net worth video of SSSniperwolf:

Likewise, she makes $7,614 – $12,690 from her Instagram account. As of 2018, her Instagram account has over 3 million followers. She has posted over 1k posts and earned over 3.9 million likes.

Besides, the You Tuber films her house in several videos. Recently as well, she has bought a new house in LA and she made a video to show off her new home.

YouTube: SSSniperwolf’s new home

Moreover, she owns a Mercedes worth $25,995.00 to $124,500.00.

It might not just be one! May be a few?

SSSniperwolf YouTube

Before joining YouTube, SSSniperwolf used to work in a polyester shop. In January 2013, she created her YouTube channel as SSSniperwolf. The reason behind the name is that it is the character from her favorite video game, Metal Gear Solid.

Gradually, SSSniperwolf started recording her gameplay and uploaded it on YouTube which began gaining attention. Her YouTube videos were mainly about games like Overwatch, Destiny, Far Cry and Call of Duty.

Currently, she has more than 13 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. She posts her videos related to girly stuff on her second channel called Little Lia which she created in 2014.

SSSniperwolf in Porn?

There have been many instances where fans have used SSSniperwolf’s photos and video on the porn sites. Once in 2016, the YouTube contacted Pornhub and many fans speculated that she was making a porn video. However, as it turned out, it was just to let the site know what people were uploading to their site.

In one of her videos, she has revealed that she won’t be doing any porn as she she revealed,

There’s no benefit for me. People do porn for two reasons: one for money, obviously 99 percent of people do it for money, because it’s easy money. Two, because they like it. 

The lady added,

I don’t think I would enjoy that, like, being naked for everyone to see and doing personal things like that. No, I’m not comfortable. 

Well, prior to this news, there were news about the lady having received a $80 thousand offer to do porn. However, there’s no proper truth to this video.

SSSniperwolf Wiki-Bio: Age, Parents, Family, Height

SSSniperWolf was born as Alia “Lia” Shelesh in 1992 in England. Her parents raised her up with her two younger brothers and a younger sister. Her family later moved to Arizona.

Since her childhood, the star was interested in gaming, and her dad even gifted her PS1 at the age of 8. She completed her high school one semester early and took classes at a local community college.

She studied pharmacist but later switched her major to nursing. Lia is thinking of going back to college to pursue a degree in game design.

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SSSniperwolf celebrates her birthday on October 22, and her current age is 26. Furthermore, she belongs to Greek-Turkish ethnicity.

SSSniperwolf has a height of 5 feet 4 inches and weighs 52kg. She is very close with her two dogs named Kaz and Tuna. She has over 3.8m followers on her Instagram and 1.02m followers on Twitter.