Famous for her role as Eric Draven‘s murdered fiancee, Shelly, in the movie The Crow, Sofia Shinas is a Canadian actress, singer, director, and producer. Staring as a musician, Shinas later managed to make a successful career in acting as well.

Today in this article, we shed information on Sofia Shina’s career, movies, TV series, mixtapes including information about her net worth, personal life, datings, and relationships.

Who Is Sofia Shinas?

Sofia Shinas is a Canadian singer, songwriter, actress, and director who entered the entertainment industry as a recording artist and later pursued her career in acting. She released several mixtapes that helped her gain huge popularity.

Sofia Shinas has a net worth of $1 million
Musician, Actress Sofia Shinas.
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Shinas made her debut as an actress in 1994 through the movie The Crow. Later she managed to land notable roles in several movies and TV series. Shinas also made her directing and producing roles in varied movies and series such as My Stepdaughter, Toasted, The Last Tango.

Sofia Shinas’s Net Worth: How Much Does She Earn?

Sofia Shinas holds an estimated net worth of $1 million. Shinas gathered her fortune from her career as a musician, actress, and director. She featured in various movies, TV series, and released several solo mixtapes that helped her earn fame as well as prosperity.

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Shinas made notable appearances in the 1994 movie The Crow that gathered $94 million against the budget of $23 million. She also featured in the $20 million budget movie Terminal Velocity. Similarly, she also starred in the TV series such as The Outer Limits, The Hunger, Red Shoes Diaries.

Youtube: Sofia Shinas in ‘The Crow’

Like the other Canadian actresses,  Shinas makes an average salary that ranges from $40 thousand to $80 thousand as per her roles in the movies. Similarly, she makes $30 thousand to $60 thousand annually as a musician.

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Shinas made her music debut in 1992 through the album on Warner Bros. Records. She worked with various producers and remixers including Steve Peck, Daniel Abraham, Mitch Kaplan. She also released several single mixtapes such as The Message, One Last Kiss, State of Mind that made a good impression at the US Billboard charts.

Sofia Shinas’s Personal Life: Is She Married?

Sofia Shinas is not in any kind of married relationship with anyone currently. Shinas has not involved herself in any kind of serious relationships to date. Although the actress may be involved in a secret relationship, there are no formal details regarding her personal life.

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Shinas was rumored dating the actor Brandon Lee in the past. Lee and Shinas met during the production of the movie The Crow. They also had an on-screen matchup in the movie and rumors say, they were having a secret relationship off the screen too.

Sofia Shinas and Brandon Lee, however, didn’t ever speak out about their relationship. While many fans see them as a real-life couple, others just take them as reel-life partners.

Youtube: Sofia Shinas and Brandon Lee in ‘The Crow’

Shinas is an avid animal lover and supporter of welfare and conservation organizations dedicated to helping endangered species. While working for welfare programs, Shinas was sharing a romantic relationship with Dr.Jordan Schaul, an exotic animal trainer.

Sofia Shinas’s Body Measurements

Born on 17th June 1968, Sofia Shinas stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches. Shinas is a charming and elegant personality with Blue eyes and Red hair. The Crow star Sofia Sinhas has body measurements of 35-28-35 inches. Though this is her real body from head to toe, some fans claim the actor to have had plastic surgery before.

Facts About Sofia Shinas

Where is the birthplace of Sofia Shinas?

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

How old is Sofia Shinas?

50 years old

What is the birth sign of Sofia Shinas?


What is the Nationality of Sofia Shinas?


Which Ethnicity does Sofia Shinas belong to?


What is the color of Sofia Shinas’ eyes?


How tall is Sofia Shinas?

5 feet 9 inches