Algerian-French actress Sofia Boutella wowed all the audiences playing a grotesque undead warrior in the Hollywood reboot “The Mummy.” From a dancer and a model, Sofia has now become a sensational actress in the Hollywood film industry. Since the role of Gazelle in Kingsman: The Secret Service, her career has been on the rise and has appeared in Star Trek Beyond, Atomic Blonde, and The Mummy. Sofia looks villainous in most of her portrayals, but she is sweet and lovely in real life. So, is Sofia Boutella dating a boyfriend or has married someone already? Let’s know the facts along with Sofia Boutella net worth and also on Sofia Boutella wiki details:

Sofia Boutella Married Life With Husband And Children

The 35-years-old actress Sofia Boutella has won millions of heart through her acting skills. But is there someone who has won Sofia Boutella’s heart? Is the actress Sofia Boutella married and is she living a blissful married life with a husband and children?

Talking about Sofia Boutella married life, she is an unmarried woman. She lives her life without a husband and children currently. People who often wonder about Sofia Boutella children and her husband should stop themselves from doing so. She has yet to get married to a husband.

Thus, Sofia Boutella husband, Sofia Boutella pregnant, and Sofia Boutella children are all future talks. She has not been pregnant with a child yet from any of her boyfriends.

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Sofia Boutella Dating A Boyfriend

As Sofia Boutella married life has yet to come, what about her dating life? Is Sofia Boutella dating a boyfriend? If then who is Sofia Boutella boyfriend?

Actress Sofia Boutella has a boyfriend in her life. She is dating him for three years. But who is Sofia Boutella boyfriend? Well, Sofia Boutella boyfriend is an Irish actor, Robert Sheehan. The couple has starred together in the 2016’s movie Jet Trash.

Caption: Actress Sofia Boutella and her boyfriend of three years, Robert Sheehan at the Edinburgh Film Festival, 25 June 2016.

Sofia met her boyfriend, Robert on the set of indie thriller film Jet Trash in 2014 and then the pair quickly started dating each other. It has been three years since they started dating and now they share a home in Los Angeles and live together. However, Sofia their work often keeps them apart, but still, they are supportive of each other. In regards to the work, Robert said:

 We’re both very married to our work. When you’re two actors, you’re peripatetic, you have to drop everything and go sometimes and a relationship has to adapt.

He further continued:

But it always works out. She gets time off and hops on a plane, I get time off and hop on a plane. The longest we ever spent apart was six weeks.

As a boyfriend, Robert Sheehan also surprised his girlfriend, Sofia Boutella on the set of The Mummy and ended up getting a lift back to London in a helicopter with Tom Cruise in the pilot’s seat. They both love each other a lot, and Robert is a love cake for Sofia.

Though Sofia Boutella is dating Robert Sheehan, she has also sparked dating rumors with co-star Chris Pine recently. However, according to Sofia, they are close friends only and are not in a relationship.

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Sofia Boutella Career; Sources Of Sofia Boutella Net worth

Algerian-French actress Sofia Boutella has appeared in numerous music videos and films. Before starting a career in acting, she was a dancer, and part of a group called the Vagabond Crew. Their team won the Battle of the Year in 2006. Sofia was picked as a role model of femininity and hip-hop for the Jamie King choreography for Nike in 2007. It was a major boost in her career.

Sofia was the main character in the Michael Jackson’s music video Hollywood Tonight. She then played the lead character in StreetDance 2 as Eva. Sofia starred in the movies like Kingsman: The Secret Service, Star Trek Beyond, and The Mummy. These three hit movies have made Sofia Boutella one of the highest paid actresses in the Hollywood industry. Sofia was cast in the HBO film Fahrenheit 451 in June 2017.

Sofia has now left dancing and has her focus on acting career only. She said:

I stopped dancing because I wanted to dedicate everything to acting

Sofia Boutella career has still to travel a long trip to achieve the greatest height of success. She is very talented and will slowly stand at the top.

In regards to Sofia Boutella net worth, her net worth is in millions. But Sofia has not unveiled the exact figure of her net worth yet. As of 2017, Sofia Boutella net worth is under review. So, if you have an interest in Sofia Boutella net worth, stay connected to us, we will update you on Sofia Boutella net worth very soon!

Now let’s begin with Sofia Boutella wiki facts

Sofia Boutella Wiki Facts: Age, Height, Birthday & Parents!

Born in the year 1982 in Bab El Oued, Algiers, Algeria, Sofia Boutella birthday is on 6th of April. With the upcoming birthday celebration in April 2018, Sofia Boutella age will be 36. Her age is 35 as of now. Be sure to wish Sofia on her birthday!

Sofia Boutella height is 5 feet 5 inches. In meters, Sofia Boutella height is 1.65 m.

According to Sofia Boutella wiki, she was born to parents Safy Boutella and his wife. Sofia’s father, Safy Boutella is a jazz musician, and her mother is an architect. She moved to France in 1992 at the age of 10 with her family.

At the age of 5, Sofia started classical dance education and joined the French national team at the age of 18.