Let’s face it when it comes to first love everyone seems to have struggled to forget about the time when they first fell in love. Not everyone can stick to their first love some things have to end if it’s supposed to.

Similarly, The former German Skater Katarina Witt still talks about her first love, and it seems like she still lives in the memory of her first love. Has she moved on and found someone special in her life now?

Let’s see what Katarina has to say about her unsuccessful first love and her current relationship status.

Retired skater Katarina Witt shares her story on her unsuccessful first love!

The tragic dating story of Katarina with her first boyfriend was revealed back in 2015. I bet you wanna know why she failed in achieving her first love. So without further ado lets head to what she has to say about it.

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She revealed that her first boyfriend was taken away from her in an interview with Daily Mail. In the interview, she explained

“He was also quite a bit older than me – he was 25 and I was 18 – and the authorities believed he might affect my concentration. In that respect, they were probably right.”

She also added:

“So when it was time for his national service, they stationed him as far away as they possibly could, so far that it was impossible for us to spend the weekend together. The journey would have taken him two or three days. At the time I was in floods of tears.”

Her boyfriend was separated from her in purpose as her coaches thought that he was a bad influence in her life. Being a famous skater, Katarina was always under the watch of her coaches and other authorities.

Later when she found out that her boyfriend was taken away intentionally just so that she can win gold awards, the skater star was really hurt.

Katarina’s dating history followed by her current relationship status and marriage rumors!

We’ve talked about her first love tragedy, now let’s move on to her current affair. With a beautiful face and attractive personality, it’s normal for such a superstar to have multiple relationships.

She has been linked to a long list of men which includes some significant figures like Richard Dean Anderson which ended in 1992. She also had an affair with Rolf Brendel but lasted only till 1994. Danny Huston (1995), Marcus Herrmann (1996 – 2002), Dave Hoffis (2002 – 2003) and Andreas Rüter (2008) are few other men that Katarina hooked up with.

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Though she is seen having romantic relationships before she has remained private about her current relationship. The rumors of her secret marriage seem to be false as the star still doesn’t have a husband either married nor has any children.

Well, she just hasn’t found her Mr. Right till now as she is more focused on her career.

Katarina’s short bio and her net worth

Born on Dec 3, 1965, the queen of ice skating back in her time is now 51 years old and still looks young at this age. German by nationality, Katarina started her skating career at the very small age and was trained by terrific skaters themselves.

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She won many silver as well as gold medals and had trained herself both physically and mentally. She is best known for her successive and counterclockwise rotations and also had a great balance on one leg in her performances.

Katarina Witt during her gold-medal winning performance at the 1988 Winter Games in Calgary
Caption: Katarina Witt during her gold-medal winning performance at the 1988 Winter Games in Calgary

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Her perfect body posture and her 5 feet 5 inches height led to many photo shoots for popular magazines.

Katarina Witt on the cover of the famous magazine Playboy 12 years ago
Katarina Witt on the cover of the famous magazine Playboy

Photo Credit: Zimbio

Though she has not exposed much while her photo shoots we can see her showing off her cleavage, legs, and feet along with some bikini shots. Her shoot for Playboy is still hot even after 12 years. Talking about the net worth of Katarina she has an estimated net worth of $9 million.