Aryia Emrani is popular not only as one of the hottest YouTubers but also as a humorous personality. More than that, he is also famous for his women and dating related videos on Youtube.

In any case, if you are living under a rock, you may want to check out his channel description, which says, “I keep it pretty sexy.”

No wonder, the Youtube stud featured many attractive women on his channel. So, did he feature his girlfriend on his show? Let’s find out.

Aryia Emrani’s Girlfriend

Everybody knows How to Flirt With Hot Girls creator Ariya can flirt. In his brand new video titled An Honest Date, Aryia often flirts with a hot Youtuber, Amanda Cerny. Just when Aryia-Amanda started to circulate, we found out that she isn’t his girlfriend. Yes, he hasn’t settled for a girl yet.

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According to sources, Emrani is just his friend. They just made a video together as a flirty couple.

Caption: Aryia Emrani with his latest video in which he is dating/flirting a girl rumored to be his real-life girlfriend

With or without a girlfriend, Aryia is enjoying his life as a Youtuber. In addition to that, he doesn’t seem to be the type who would look for love at such an early age. Likewise, in some of his posts, he highlights that he fears commitment. Even though this seems to be a joke, it does have a slight dash of seriousness itched to it.

What’s your biggest fear? Mine is commitment 👰🏻💍

A post shared by Aryia (@simplyaryia) on

Aryia may have an innate fear of pressure for commitment, but who knows he might go around for a cup of coffee or two with a woman he finds attractive.

Aryia Emrani’s short Wiki, age, religion, salary, and net worth

The young and enthusiastic YouTube Vlogger Aryia Emrani was born on 9th July 1996 in Texas, USA. As of now, he is 22 years of age. He spent a great deal of his childhood in California. In fact, he started his career as a Youtuber and Vlogger at an early age of 16. His first YouTube channel was Aryia films.

Caption: Aryia posting about how big of dream it was for him to be successful on YouTube even since the high school days

At the age of 20, he gained popularity through his YouTube videos and has more than 90 thousand subscribers on YouTube which made him insanely famous over the years. His channel SimpleSexyStupid is equally hit. Apart from YouTube videos, he also works in the music industry and has a hit song, Reckless, which gained over 100 thousand viewers.

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Furthermore, his success in making videos and songs obviously is better than having a salary. Because Aryia Emrani has a large number of subscribers on YouTube, we are sure that his net worth is increasing per day. Since his net worth is under review, we will update it soon. Nevertheless, we can guarantee that Aryia Emrani holds a 6 digit net worth.