Most of us have a preference for a thriller, horror, and other time of genre in movies and actors, while Comedian actors are also no less from them. Simon Helberg, the actor from the series The Big Bang Theory, who is also known as Howard Wolowitz is very popular nowadays.

As his skills are high, we are astonished by his work for the series. But today, we are not talking about his career, but about his personal life.

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We will talk about Simon Helberg net worth and salary as of 2017, and also about his married life, wife and more!

Simon Helberg’s Net Worth and Salary

Simon Helberg is the son of mother Sandy and father Harried Helberg. He is from a Jewish family. He started his comedy career along with Derek Waters. When he started working with him, his work grew and he was offered to work in the movies. These steps led him to work in the series The Big Bang Theory.

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His career for the series started in the year 2007; he was offered the role of Howard Wolowitz. Since then, he never looked back. The show became hit, and his contract was extended up to 10 seasons. The show continued and viewers kept increasing.

Simon Helberg’s salary per episode is reported to be around $100K. His net worth as of 2018 is estimated to be around $24 million. His net worth also includes a house that cost him $2.9 million.

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Simon Helberg Married Second Time!

Simon Helberg married Jocelyn Towne before 8 years. That is, the duo married in the year 2010. He dumped his wife and then married her.

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Once when he was asked about the situation, he gave one statement to Mirror magazine:

‘It was embarrassing moment. Before I proposed my wife, we had divorce. I knew she was the one with whom I can spend my entire life, so I destroyed my previous life and then started new life.’

Simon Helberg and Jocelyn Towne
Jocelyn Towne and wife Simon Helberg
74th Annual Golden Globe Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA – 08 Jan 2017

Source: Deadline

After the split, Jocelyn left him and went to Paris. She found another man to date, but Simon went after her and convinced her again. Both then started living together.  While in an interview with David Letterman, he made some humor:

‘I made a proposal after reaching her. I did so, so that I can be the only one in her life.’

Jocelyn Towne and wife Simon Helberg with two daughter
along with their daughter Adeline and son Wilder.

The pair is now enjoying life with the net worth he earned, along with their daughter Adeline and son Wilder.