Among most of the famous businessmen, Shlomo Rechnitz’s name might come to the front page as he is the one who founded one of the largest nursing homes in California. For a successful person like him, there might be some enthusiast fans who want to know about his personal life as well as about his career. Today, we will be discussing Shlomo Rechnitz married life, about his wife and his career.

Shlomo Rechnitz Married Life: Wife is Tamar Rechnitz

The exact information about their love life is not disclosed to the public. Thus, we do not know when they started seeing each other. As mentioned by him personally, it was love at first sight when he saw the daughter of Yisroel Biesky, Tamar Rechnitz for the first time.

American Businessman, Shlomo Rechnitz
American Businessman, Shlomo Rechnitz.

Soon after the meet, they came close enough and started seeing each other. They lived dating life for a year, and then tied a knot to live as husband and wife. Also, they are blessed with shockingly six children.

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Tamar Rechnitz is not so social, thus never made comment on about her personal life with Shlomo. Well, we can guess the couple is living happily as despite being a businessman, Shlomo is able to make time for his family.

Shlomo Rechnitz’s Successful Career

What he is famous to us is an American businessman and multi-millionaire. Shlomo is also well known being the owner of Brius Nursing Home, California. But, he went through the basic struggle before owning his own nursing home.

At first, he was just known as a nursing home kit supplier, which he started as a career with his brother. He used to supply items like adult diapers, and other necessary kits like wheelchairs and more.

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But, as he knew most of the appliances and working techniques of such homes, he gained more knowledge by studying medical and medicines. Later, he founded TwinMed which is popular for largest medical suppliers.

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Besides, Shlomo Rechnitz has an estimated net worth of $2.5 billion. The star owns a nursing home in California which he bought in 2006. He along with his brothers owns a company, TwinMed, LLC in LA that distributes medical solutions.

The businessman is also involved in different charities. He once donated around $1 million for aid in the rebuilding of Orthodox Jewish day school.