Netizens are raged and criticizing Shein for selling Swastika pendant necklaces on their website.

Shein, a China-based online clothing retailer shopping site is under heavy scrutiny for pulling another controversial stunt that apparently promotes anti-semitism.

On Thursday, netizens found out on the shopping website of Shein that the company had been selling Swastika pendants.

Shein was criticized for selling Swastika pendants.
Source: Twitter

And, the buyers and many influencers including Nabela Noor were outraged and said the action provokes hatred & racism against the Jewish community as Swastika was a hate symbol used by the Nazi who killed more than 6 million people adhered to Judaism.

As Noor was one of the people who took to Twitter to criticize Shein on the pendant also reached out to the company’s manager to discuss on the matter and shared her conversation on the issues with a video.

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The metal pendants, which some claim were sold for $2 while others insisted they were sold for $4 have since been removed from the website after the outrage.

Shein’s apology statement over Swastika pendants.
Source: Instagram

Shein later released an apology statement on their official Instagram page claiming they meant to sell the Buddhist Swastika pendants which means spirituality and good fortune.

In addition, Swastika is also a Sanskrit word that originated in India that means wellbeing and has been used in both left and right-facing directions. Whereas for the Nazi’s Swastika symbol that they appropriated in the 1930s moves in anti-clockwise that bends at 45°.

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Shein, however, admitted they made a mistake and further wrote to being more thoughtful and considerate on the symbol which indicates ‘hurtful connotations’ to millions of others.

Just a week earlier, Shein which is reportedly believed to be exploiting child laborers was also condemned for selling prayer carpets as decorative rugs.

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