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Sharon Tay is as confident as her name. She is not only a beautiful face but also one of the most creative and outspoken personality out there. There are many hearts punctured by this beauty with brains but is there anyone specific who seems to have worked their charms into her heart?

Could it be possible that she is dating someone? If yes, then are they serious enough to be heading towards marriage? Who is her boyfriend or better yet husband?  All these mysteries will unravel with the depth of this article. Read more to find out about her plastic surgery, career and net worth too!

Sharon Tay is single; Nope none of that boyfriend, husband drama!

Sharon Tay is unbelievably not dating anyone and yes, we are facing a hard time believing that she is single too. With herself being a journalist, she must know how to be a step ahead of all the media attention when it comes to her dating life.

She isn’t seen on a date or as being a married couple to any guy so we suspect that either she is still single and enjoying her carefree days or that she is just extremely well at keeping her dating life private. But we are betting on her being single part because of her recent Instagram post which says “Love affairs are complicated.”


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But she does seem to have a lot of guy best friends. We wonder if any of them are more than friends. She does claim a man to be her “special friend, ” but we don’t think they are dating.

Boyfriend or not, she seems to be enjoying her life to the fullest. Besides, her confined privacy is good for the people around her. They will get to know the real her and feel special about being the very few welcomed into her life.

Sharon Tay denies to have undergone plastic surgery but does look different

People try a lot of beauty tips and tricks to make themselves feel confident. The same is the case with Sharon Tay. Her fans did notice the sudden change in her looks and have claimed that she did get plastic surgery. If we look at the before and after pictures of Sharon Tay, the allegations from her fans do seem moderate.

Sharon Tay's before and after pictures of plastic surgery
Sharon Tay’s before and after pictures of plastic surgery.

Her nose looks a bit thinner and more defined so people have been guessing something related to a nose job. Well, she looks better with each passing day so it is really hard to tell. However, she has denied the rumors of getting under the knife and going through any plastic surgery procedure.

Sharon Tay wiki like bio, more about her salary, career and net worth!

Sharon Tay has her birth date on the 15th of October, 1966. Sharon has spent a great deal of her childhood moving across the globe. She was originally born in Singapore but later moved to the USA only to be moving to the Philippines.

She, later on, returned to the USA again and did her high schooling and Bachelors degree from Boston University. She has a degree in Broadcast Journalism which explains her job as an anchor on channel MSNBC. Currently, she is working on other channels like CBC2 and KCAL 9.

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Her TV shows are all a big hit but what pleases us, even more, is that she has also interest in acting and was involved in the movie called Nightcrawler in 2014.

Her awards are large in number because she has won Emmy Awards five times already and  Associated Press Award once. Her success in TV shows and movies makes her an owner of the lavish net worth of $4.5 million and her salary is $900 thousand. She is a great source of inspiration to all Asian ladies of today.

Sharon Tay Body Measurement

  • Height = 5 feet 3 inches
  • Weight = 53 kg
  • Body Measurement = 33-24-35 inches
  • Age = 52