There are numerous ways to introduce Sharee Hough. The multi-talented woman has three different professions and she is balancing her work life quite well with her personal life.

Also, she is the oldest sister of famous American dancer, singer, and actress Julianne Hough. Her siblings look up to her as a fatherly figure.

Sharee Hough’s Married Life With Her Ex-Husband, Randall

Sharee is 42 years old now. Along this journey, she married twice exploring her love life. Sharee’s earliest marriage dates way back to 1996. She married a guy named Randall. The marriage details are a bit hazy and there is no information on their relationship before the ceremony.

Nonetheless, the couple spent years together without any serious ups and downs. They both had hectic schedules but always made time for each other and appreciated the romance they had.

Sharee Hough with her ex-husband, Randall, and their children

Sharee Hough with her ex-husband, Randall, and their children
Image Source: MarriedDivorce

Evidently, numerous photos are still lurking on the internet showing the bonding the couple shared. In all the years of togetherness, they parented six children- four daughters and two sons.

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As it seems, the daughters have all grown up and inherited their mother’s beauty. One of their daughters Paris is already a graduate. The other children are Skye Hough, Star Hough, Quaid Hough, and Bronson Hough.

Sadly, the lovely couple parted ways with reasons unknown to the public eyes. On inspection of Sharee’s Instagram, we can see that her husband Randall stopped appearing on her posts from May of 2017. The divorce seems mutual and they remain friends to this day.

The Fitness Instructor Found New Love Partner!

People generally tend to back off from relationships for a while after the end of a long affair. But Sharee did not let the downfall get the best of her. Only six months after her divorce from Randall, her Instagram hinted at her next association.

Sharee Hough married her husband, Mark Selman

Sharee Hough married her husband, Mark Selman
Image Source: Celeb Tattler

The man is none other than Mark Selman. Sharee mentioned him as her sweetheart in one of her posts. Not long after this, in February of 2018, the couple experienced their first happy moment as Hough showed her engagement ring to the fans.

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Eventually, the lovebirds decided to take their relationship a step further and exchanged their vows in September the same year. They promised to be each other’s love partners among friends and family.

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