Shantel VanSanten is one name that comes in the list of rising models. She made her name when she came to TV series named One Tree Hill as Quinn James. She has experience in working as model for various famed magazines like Seventeen and Teen Vogue. Shantel has been in this industry for almost 15 years, so she is popular among all.

All we know about her is her professionalism and career, but do you have any of her personal info? Like if she is married already or is still dating someone? Today in this column, we will be disclosing information regarding Shantel VanSanten dating life, dating history and her affairs.

Is Shantel Dating? If Yes, Who is Her Boyfriend?

In Hollywood industry, thousands of people come and try their luck; some get through and some are left behind. In such intense competition, Shantel is still holding her position. This means she knows how to get through all the situations. But, what about the situations in love life? Let’s find out!

Well, when we searched through her personal information, we found out that Shantel is currently hooking up with John Fletcher. As Shnatel do not fall into the category of secretive celebrities, we get to know about her love life frequently. Most of her fans knows about her boy John.

John is also in same industry, he is well known English actor. The duo met for the first time during the show named ‘The Messengers.’ This series was aired during the year 2014-15 from The CW Network. The news started coming in limelight back in the year 2015 September, about the two dating when both were found publicly in Paris. Both are totally in love, we can see right through them in their instagram pictures.

It’s already been one and half year since they hooked, but still they are not ready to step up for marriage. May be, the duo is taking their time to get up to it.


Shantel VanSanten got married to the love of her life, Victor Webster. The couple tied the knot in 2021.

Shantel VanSanten Dating History (Past Affairs)

Its usual for every celebrity to have more than one love life. Like others, Shantel also fell in love quite few times before. She actually started dating when she was just 20 years old. Here is the list you should check out, the name of boyfriends she had before John.

Michael Johnson and Shantel
Michael Johnson and Shantel VanSanten

The first one to hang out with her was Michael Johnson. He is well known football player of the US. The ex-duo started their love life in the year 2008. After hanging out for almost a year, they felt like both were not for each other and parted their ways in 2009.

James and Shantel
James Lafferty and Shantel VanSanten

After Michael, the second one is James Lafferty. The ex-duo started their love life in the year 2009, June. Unlike Michael, James couldn’t hold for longer time and broke up with her in the year 2010, after enjoying only 11 months. After Michael and James, she dated Robert Buckley from the series she acted.