Each day we read stories of celebrities, related to extramarital affairs or who cheated on their partners. Today we are highlighting the story of an athlete, Seyi Ajirotutu; who also cheated on his spouse.

He is an American footballer and famous not only for his performance but also for his matter. Seyi has been on controversial for his extramarital affair and professional issues. What exactly happened? Has he cheated on his wife?

Know brief on these matters along with kids and a previous girlfriend. Let’s take a look at what exactly happened to Seyi.

Seyi Ajirotutu Cheated his Wife with a mysterious girlfriend!

Seyi is a married guy, during his studies time he met his future partner Autumn and fell in love. Very soon after dating, he married his girlfriend without any parent’s restrictions.

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The wedding ceremony held in 2012 was quite grand, and close family members and friends attended the wedding. The couple planned a romantic and royal wedding ceremony. The details of Seyi and his wife Autumn’s dating life have been kept in secret by the couple.

His wife Autumn Ajirotutu is a famous tv personality of the E! WAGS show.

Seyi Ajirotutu wedding
Autumn and NFL Star Seyi Ajirotutu Celebrate 5th Wedding Anniversary in Style

Photo credit: weddings

Although, they live a happy married life; Seyi Ajirotutu’s cheating rumors came out in the media, and his married life was broken apart following the rumors. The shocking email from a mysterious girl became viral in 2015.

For the first time, the popular blog Baller Alerts showed how this girl met on Seyi Instagram. After knowing his bride is Autumn, she wrote that

 To Make It Even More Interesting His Wife Is Autumn Ajirotutu Who’s On The Show “WAGS”, Which Is On The E! CHANNEL,” The Woman Wrote. “I Began Watching The Show And Recorded It To See His Wife. She Was SO Vain And Bragged On Her Husband. While I Watched, I Was Thinking “Girl Your Man Ain’t S***”. At This Point, I And Seyi Were Still Going Back And Forth In The DM’s. I Never Let On That I New That His Wife Was On The Show. However, In The Conversations On The DM, He Did Let Me Know He Was Married. So I Finally Gave Him My Number And We Began Texting. At The Beginning, I Used To Delete Out Texts But I Started To Save Them Because He Started To Get Shady And Shadier.

we could see their conversation also

Wife Autumn opens up about Seyi’s cheating! Are they divorced?

Despite the fact that his cheating news became viral, recently the couple was seen together. Autumn stands on the side of her husband and seems to support him and deny the rumor of divorce. Though there was speculation that the marriage for Seyi Ajirotutu was done his wife bravely stood by his side and put an end to the divorce speculation.

She believes that; the dark corners of the city are nothing new for Famous football players, but she knows him, and she felt that he would never do anything that will affect the relationship of this couple.

In an interview, she states that;

I do not think it is a major concern from just the wives I believe it is a concern with women in general. But to answer your question, how do I deal with it? I don’t deal with it. It’s not an issue in my household. My husband is a homebody.

She added,

To be honest with you I didn’t have many friends that were associated with a player before I got married, so I’m sure they side eyed me too. But not because of me being a girlfriend, but more so of who is she, what is she about, what are her intentions and will she stay around. I never was treated as an outsider. However the organization does treat married couples different than single girls. I can’t speak for every situation, but I can speak on mine.

Meet Seyi’s Children!

Besides his controversial marital life, he and his Sexy life partner have beautiful twin daughters Londyn Ajirotutu and Laiyah Ajirotutu. He is very close to his cute twin babies.

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Both the couple is always concerned about how to become a good parent and how to give a quality life to their kids. On Father’s Day, the lovely couple did a family photo shoots with their daughters; he took babies in each outfit and connected a unique message to each picture.

Seyi Ajirotutu’s Short Bio

Seyi Ajirotutu, an American football player, is born on June 12, 1987, in El Dorado Hills, California. His dad is Leke Ajirotutu and mother is Wilma Ajirotutu. Seyi did the play well in his school and college. He did his school at California State University, Fresno where he met Autumn Pierce.

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He worked under various groups from 2011 to 2017. In August 2013, he remarked with the same San Diego Chargers for the third time because of his great play, Although he was not qualified in that group in 2010.

In 2015, Philadelphia Eagles marked a one-year contract with Seyi until 2016. He played numerous national and universal games. His yearly pay is $825,000 and has Net Worth is $1.6 million. When Seyi signed for the Philadelphia Eagles, he had a salary of around $825 thousand per year while also having a signing bonus of $80 thousand.  Now, he’s already retired but still, he has somehow stayed close to the game he loves. 

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