To grasp the full significance of life is the actor’s duty, to interpret it is a problem, and to express is dedication. Scott Mechlowicz always presented himself at his best and consistently proved himself as of the best.

The Euro Trip actor, Scott Mechlowicz who surprised the world with his exceptional acting skills and repeatedly remained fans favored. Know more about the actor’s net worth, earnings, and above all, about his long run relationship.

Scott Mechlowicz’s Relationship: Who Is He Dating?

Scott Mechlowicz is currently dating his long term girlfriend Heather Weeks. The couple is dating since 2007 and is having a blissful relationship together. They started dating after meeting for the first time during their work purposes.

Scott Mechlowicz and Heather Weeks
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The pair is spotted enjoying together in various public places by their fans. Seems like, they are having an exotic and adventurous relationship. No official confirmation about the two involved in a married relationship and are just seriously dating.

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In an interview, Mechlowicz stated that he is busy with his career rather than turning their relationship to the next path. He also told the reporters that they are soon getting in a married relationship but not for now.

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There were rumors about the actor sharing a secret relationship with his former TV match-up Amy Smart. Although there is no strong consent about the relationship. Gossips state that they started dating secretly after working together in Peaceful Warrior. Though, there is no strong consent about the relationship.

Scott Mechlowicz and Amy Smart in a premier
Scott Mechlowicz and Amy Smart
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Mechlowicz is edgy in exposing his personal life in media. There is no official testimony regarding his past life and about his other affairs and marriage records in the past. Various buzz was made stating him a gay which later proved to be fake.

Scott Mechlowicz’s Net Worth: How Much Does He Earn?

Scott Mechlowicz holds an estimated net worth of $2 million. The actor’s decade long career helped him earn a good fortune. He starred in lead roles in various movies that supported him in growing his net worth.

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As an actor in Hollywood, he earns an average salary that ranges from $50k to $350k as per his roles in the movies and the number of episodes. Mechlowicz also features in some TV series that made him a good income.

Euro Trip Poster featuring Scott Mechlowicz
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Some of the movies where Mechlowicz starred made a positive impression at the box office. His movie Demonic collected $4.7 million against the budget of $3 million. Similarly, his other movie Mean Creek made $802k against the modest budget of $500k.

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The actor, furthermore, acquires good from his various product advertisements and brand endorsements. Mean Creek‘s actor also makes decisive incomes from appearing in various magazines and TV shows.

Facts About Scott Mechlowicz

What is Scott Mechlowicz’s birth name?

Scott David Mechlowicz

Where is Scott Mechlowicz’ birthplace?

New York City, New York, USA

What is Scott Mechlowicz’ birth sign?


What is Scott Mechlowicz’ Nationality?


Which Ethnicity does Scott Mechowicz belong to?


How old is Scott Mechlowicz?

38 years old

Who are Scott Mechlowicz parents?

Mother: Susan Lehrman

Father: Morris Mechlowicz

Which Award has Scott Mechlowicz won?

Independent Spirit Award for Mean Creek in 2004

What Color are Scott Mechlowicz’s eyes?


Where did Scott Mechlowicz graduate from?

The University of California, Los Angeles