Sarah Hyland Stood up against critics

Sarah Hyland is taking a firm stand against critics that humiliated her choice of wardrobe at the Vanity Fair Oscars after party.

The actress was in hot waters after admitting that she wore two pairs of Spanx on the red carpet. In addition, Hyland took to Instagram to post the red carpet photo and joked about it in her caption. Subsequently, the post took the Internet by storm with which came anger for potentially promoting unhealthy body choices.

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#funfact I’m wearing TWO pairs of spanx. Why diet? When you can just hide it!

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One of the Instagram users commented

Your comment is toxic body shaming. Spanx are unhealthy and so is dieting when you weigh 90 pounds

while another wrote,

Not a great caption.

While Hyland faced a lot of Internet shaming, many ventured in for her defense as well. One supporter wrote,

If you’re trying to hide the bump from your transplant, forget it. I’ve been trying for years!! Stay healthy

one Twitter user noted. Hyland responded to the defense with a tweet of her own.

The lady Sarah Hylan received both positive and negative feedback on the Instagram post of hers.

Sarah Hyland: Health Complications

Sarah Hyland constantly keeps her fans updated on her array of health issues, the major of which is kidney dysplasia, a condition related to incorrect kidney development. As a matter of fact, the 27-year-old actress recently revealed that she suffered from the condition since the age of 9.

To add up, Hyland underwent kidney transplant surgery back in 2012 due to the disorder. Her father donated his kidney for the transplant. As the first transplant began to fail, her brother, Ian Hyland, stepped up and offered to be Hyland’s second donor.

Sarah mentioned to an interview with Self Magazine,

I spent Christmas break, New Year’s, Thanksgiving, my birthday in the hospital for various treatments

In fact, During an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Hyland opened up about having suicidal thoughts in the middle of all the health issues she was facing.

Sarah Hyland stood up for herself amidst all the criticism she faced inspiring us to be who we actually are accepting all the quirks and imperfections.