Sarah Gadon portrayed a lesbian lover, Countess Ebba Sparre, in the movie The Girl King (2015). And then speculations arose about her sexuality and many believed Sarah Gadon to be lesbian. The actress who plays the role of a queen may not necessarily be the queen in reality. A male can have feminist perspectives while a woman can remain content in patriarchy.

Sarah Gadon’s dating scenes with her boyfriend disproved the speculations on her being a lesbian; still, her followers haven’t stopped raising questions on her significant low relationship with her boyfriend, Matt Hannam.

It’s not a requirement for a close relationship to always share your private time pictures on your social sites. Some celebrities want to keep it only in their closet.

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Only, the admirers want to peep into the closet. We are simply trying to peep into Sarah Gadon’s closet where we guess we will find a bit of information on her dating with her boyfriend and what her idea is regarding living a married life with a husband. Wanna peep together with us?

Sarah Gadon Is Not A Lesbian: Is Dating A Boyfriend

The Dracula Untold (2014) actress, Sarah Gadon, played the role of a lesbian lover in the movie The Girl King (2015). After the movie appeared on the screens, the viewers speculated she was a lesbian.

But, she contended the speculations as she appeared with her boyfriend Matt Hannam who is an award-winning film editor. As a matter of fact, she seems to know how to keep her relationship going.

Sarah Gadon with Matt Hannam
Sarah Gadon with Matt Hannam

Photo Credit: liverampup

The DailyMail reports the dating affair to have begun with their first meet during the set of the horror film Antiviral (2012). After that, they started dating, and the relationship evolved into living together as partners.

The roommates share no ideas on soon becoming soulmates. However, Sarah Gadon is interested in becoming a mother.

Will Sarah Gadon’ boyfriend turn up to become her husband and father of her children? There are no signs from both the party involved.

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Nevertheless, Sarah Gadon’s boyfriend is an affectionate person in her opinion who reminds her how thoughtful they should be about the various people involved in the job of movie making:

“We as actors can get very wrapped up in our work, so Matt is my healthy reminder that every production has about a hundred people working behind the scenes and it’s not all about us.”

Predictable future wedding bells for Sarah Gadon and her dating partners Matt Hannam! Our best wishes will be on them in such a case.

Sarah Gadon’ Movies and TV Shows

Sarah Gadon is a talented actress and has been recognized with awards and honors. Her acting talents have bestowed upon her the awards like Vancouver Film Critics Circle and Canadian Screen Awards for the “Best Supporting Actress” category.

She is best known for her movies A Dangerous Method (2011), Antiviral (2012), and Enemy (2013). Moreover, she also played the role of the voice actor in the film The Nut Job in which she portrayed Beth.

YouTube: Sarah Gadon Interview during Antiviral UK premiere

In one of her movies, The Girl King (2015), she appeared on the screen as a lesbian lover which aroused speculations among the audience that she was a lesbian. But the pictures of her dating her boyfriend falsified all those speculations.

Sarah Gadon’s lead role in the movie Indignation (2016) gave her more popularity, and the movie makers trusted her that she is able to carry on the movies on her shoulders as the lead actor.

Sarah Gadon’ Wiki Bio

Sarah Gadon was born on 4th of April 1987 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada making her age 30 in April 2019. Her mother was a teacher, and her father was a psychologist.

She was lucky enough to get an encouraging environment at home and school. Since her school days, she got a chance in acting, dancing, and performing which lay the foundation for her future career in movies and TV shows.

After completing her school education, she graduated from the University of Toronto with cinema studies as her major.

Sarah Gadon’s Net Worth

Sarah Gadon is at the peak of her movie career. After a few supporting roles in the movies, she earned producers’ trust for lead roles.

With her big screen acting remuneration and royalty including that of the TV shows, she makes a considerable income counting in a million dollars. Hence, she currently holds a net worth equal to that of Naomi Sequeira which is $1 million.

Sarah also earns from the ads she posts on her Instagram account. She has 94.3k followers on Instagram and over 2k posts. According to data analyzing sites, she earns an average $377 to $628 per post.