Sangita Patel is a famous Canadian television personality who is currently working as the host of HGTVHome to Win. You might know her as an on-air personality of Entertainment Tonight Canada.

Patel completed her degree in electrical engineering back in 2002, but after working for a couple of years as an engineer, her career took a sharp turn.

As back in 2014, Patel was listed in Canada 50 most beautiful list, and this has helped her to grab huge attention. Today, on deck, we will be talking about Sangita Patel’ married life, children, dating history, past affairs, and everything. Check it out:

Who is Sangita Patel married to? Know her Married Life

For those people who are curious to know about Sangita Patel’ husband, then the lucky boy to win her heart is Samir Patel; famous as Sam Patel.

Sangita’s husband, Sam Patel is the chief of radiology at Guelph General Hospital.

First Meet

Starting from the beginning; Sangita and Sam first met in Toronto when she and her friends were out for the night, and Sam was visiting from Calgary.

Sangita’s friends met Sam’s friends, and they eventually hit it off. It won’t be wrong to claim that it was love at first sight for them! Their first date was a walk where they got to know about each other.

First Date

During their first date, Sam was leaving for Calgary, so they went for a walk just to spent time together. They enjoyed each other’s company and realized that they were made for each other.

Sangita and Sam dated for almost a year, and over the course, they got to know each other mentally and was able to establish a healthy and great relationship core.


Sangita Patel has just graduated university and her then-boyfriend, Sam planned a trip to the Bahamas for them. They had an incredible dinner and then went for a walk on the beach.

When Sangita was complaining about the bugs, Sam got down on his knee and proposed her. Do you want to know the best part? Sam asked her family for their blessing beforehand.

Marriage Ceremony, Honeymoon, and Kids

Sangita Patel married husband Sam Patel in Toronto in a private wedding ceremony. Around 100 people from Calgary and 275 guests and family from England and India, the pair had 375 guests at their wedding ceremony.

The couple then headed to Tahiti and different islands including Bora Bora for their honeymoon. Sangita, in an interview, revealed that she and her husband just couldn’t wait any longer to be back to those places again.

While talking about Sangita Patel and Sam Patel’s children, the couple is blessed with two children; both daughters. Their first daughter, Ava, is now ten years old.

After two years of welcoming the first child, Sangita gave birth to their second daughter, Shyla who is currently eight years old.

Shared Hobbies and Secret of Successful Married Life

Both Sangita and Sam is equally busy with their professional career, but they still have managed to spend quality time with their family. Sangita claims that Sam is an incredible father who always keeps her updated on what’s going in their daughter’s school.

The couple shares the same hobbies that include CrossFit, working out as a family, hiking, eating, watching movies, and vacations. Sangita reveals that listening to each other, taking time for each other, and being there for each other is what has helped her to maintain a blissful married life.

Sangita Patel’s Wiki-Bio, Age, Nationality, Ethnicity, Height, and More!

Sangita Patel was born on January 2, 1979, and is currently 39 years old. She was born in Toronto, Ontario to an Indian family. She was born as the middle child of three parents; she was the fun-loving among her two siblings.

Sangita had to give up her early dream of becoming a television star and had to pursue a degree in engineering. She completed her electrical engineering and worked in the field for like five years.

With a beautiful face and perfect figure, Sangita soon grabbed huge attention. She stands 5 feet 4 inches tall, and her slender figure helped her to become a television personality from an engineer.