Sometimes people forget to step up to the world of marriage. They might be enjoying love life so much that they do not want to get into the troublesome marriage ceremonial. We are talking about Sandra Bullock who has been in a relationship for quite a long time but still is not marrying her boyfriend.

The woman, who came to the acting profession from the movie Hangmen, is still waiting for the perfect time to get married to her boyfriend Bryan Randall. She might be trying to last her relationship more than the relation she came out of before. Today we shall uncover the secrets of Sandra Bullock married life, previous marriage, and current relationship!

Loving Duo: Sandra Bullock Dating Bryan Randall

On 16th August 2016, Daily Mail posted the articles where it was confirmed that the loving duo, Sandra Bullock and Bryan Randall is in a relationship for more than a year. It means they are together since 2015.

Moreover, the article also made clear about their living-in relationship. The newly bought house at Beverly Hills by Bryan for $23 million is the place they are living together since September 2015.

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The news reeled through the mass media when one of Sandra’s friend spoke to the media. She said:

‘I haven’t seen Sandra so much happy till date. From the look of their relationship, we are sure they would prefer to marry secretly by inviting some of her friends… we too… Even with small gatherings, the duo can start their new life.’

Is Sandra Bullock Married Secretly?

We don’t know whether Sandra Bullock married secretly or not as there is no news about her marriage ceremony. But, we can assure you that the duo will tie the knot sooner.

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It is possible that they are waiting for the right time to step up to the new world. We hope to see them married soon!

Sandra Bullock Dating Life and Ex-Married Life

As seen in Daily Mail, last August, Bryan clicked some pictures in Sandra’s son birthday. The same thing might be the reason of their togetherness.

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From the same time, the duo was seen together multiple times. We do not know if the duo knew each other before, but the love blossomed after the birthday!

Before Bryan, Sandra Bullock was married. She married Jesse G. James in the year 2006, July. The duo was pointed to be meeting when she fulfilled the wish of her son to see James.

Soon after being together, they started living together as well. But, later the rumors of James being connected with other girls crumbled her married life. The duo officially separated in the year 2010.

Sandra Bullock Net Worth

Sandra Bullock makes an amazing net worth and salary from her acting career. As of now, she has an accumulated net worth of $250 million.

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Moreover, Bullock owns a house in West Hollywood worth $3 million. She bought the house for $1.485 million in 2001. She has a collection of cars including:

  • Audi = $32,500.00 to $138,700.00
  • Porsche = $47,800.00 to $91,100.00 
  • BMW = $34,900.00 to $147,500.00
  • Range Rover = $177,000
  • Mercedes = $26,570.00 to $124,500.00