The 41-year-old Moroccan-American director, Sanaa Hamri made a decent name in Hollywood with her work in a few hits like Nashville, Glee, Elementary, Shameless, Empire, and so on. In particular, she is a well-established video editor who transitioned into directing.

Along with her professional life, Sanaa Hamri lives quite a decent love life that you might wanna find out. So, let’s get into the details of her overall life!

Who Is Sanaa Hamri?

Sanaa Hamri is a well-established video editor in the Hollywood industry. Further, she has around 50 directorial credit including a famous comedy-drama Shameless.

Producer and director, Sanaa Hamri.

Debuting in the romantic comedy Something New, Sanaa Hamri made a busy career with her directorial work. Besides, she also produced a TV series Empire and edited a few short movies.

Sanaa Hamri Personal Life; Her Relationship Status; Her Daughter

Sanaa Hamri is possibly single as of now. Nonetheless, she is the mother of a daughter named Laila Hamri Fletcher born in 2000, with a Los Angelos attorney Loyst P. Fletcher.

Sanaa Hamri is a producer of a TV series, Empire.

Hamri was rumored to be dating Loyst, who is the biological father of Laila. She never spoke a thing about her intimate life, thus, it is never confirmed if she married Loyst or not.

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Sanaa, moreover, is totally focused on her professional life rather than her private life, which is why she doesn’t let her daughter in the media. She lives a pretty solid single life.

Sanaa Hamri Career; Know About Her Net Worth

Director and producer Sanaa Hamri makes the total net worth of around $1 million to $1.5 million. Thanks to her long-running career directing TV movies and series, she makes quite a good earning from it.

Morocca-American film director and producer, Sanaa Hamri.

Hamri’s first direction came in the year of 1999 when she directed a short video. Afterward, she directed a number of short videos and movies before breaking through in a hit drama and mystery, Elementary which stars Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu.

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Normally, a director makes around $66,000 a year depending upon the type of movie or TV series directed. Also, the movie director makes up to $92,000 every year. So, Hamri is doing just fine with her work in the industry for about two decades which helps her earn and learn at the same time.

Sanaa Hamri Body Measurements

Sanaa Hamri stands a height of 5’7″ which equals 1.70 meters and average weight with a slim body. Similarly, her beautiful eyes are brown in color and her hair is of brown color too.

Sanaa Hamri attending an event for her drama-music Empire.

Quick Facts: Sanaa Hamri

When and Where was Sanaa Hamri born?

November 19, 1977, Tangier, Morocco

What is Sanaa Hamri zodiac sign?


What is Sanaa Hamri nationality?


What is Sanaa Hamri ethnicity?


Which college did Sanaa Hamri graduate from?

Sarah Lawrence College

What color hair does Sanaa Hamri has?


What color is Sanaa Hamri’s hair?


How tall is Sanaa Hamri?

5’7″ or 1.70 meters

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