Sam Palladio, a 30-year-old British tall and dashing actor, and a musician is a celebrity that people want to know about a lot. He is attached to one of the most successful American musical drama television series, Nashville(2012 series). The number of fans he owns can describe his popularity in the field of acting which is also a reason why people search for him.

Is Sam Palladio Dating his Co-star?

Sam like to keep his love life a secret, but for a star, it is tough to maintain a very private kind of relationship with anyone. There are different sources like his friends or close person who eagerly or unknowingly happen to share about his girlfriends. It has been a rumor about him dating co-actor from the series Nashville(2012 series), Clare Bowen.

Caption: Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio performing a song

‘Scarlett O’Connor’ and ‘Gunnar Scott’ of the show Nashville are no other than Sam and Clare Bowen. They have been in on-screen romance from very long time. This relation seems to have been a real-life relationship between the co-stars. Do they date each other? Has Sam Palladio been able to date his co-star in real life? Here, we have gathered some information about him and his co-star.

Fans usually have a concept that the on-screen romance is continued in real life too. The love that is shared between the pair seems to be so much excited in on-screen that the fans assumption of these actors dating is evident. However, the truth is he dated actress Chloe Bennet in the year 2012 but lasted a short time. Once in an interview with E! News, the actor was asked about his relationship and his reply was, “Not married and no attachments as of yet.”

Is Sam Palladio Gay?

His relationship is set to single for several years, and even no gossips and rumors are available in recent times through any sources, so it is a thing to know about him being gay. He is single, so has no wife and in no kind of love relationship. However, the time can only unveil the truth of his rumored gay sex. Being a husband must need a wife but being a father needs no woman. Yes, he calls himself a dad of River Whippet(his dog) as seen on his Instagram.


River Whippet

Caption: River Whippet

All these years, Sam committed and sacrificed his all desires only to be successful in the field of acting and build a stable career. He kept his dating life away and stayed focused. His hard work has back paid him a nice $500 thousand.

Though this actor keeps himself busy and has a tight schedule, he seems to have an interesting habit of finding out time to be active on social media like Twitter and Instagram with almost 146 thousand followers on Twitter and 162 thousand followers on Instagram.