Despite being the one to create headlines, the American political reporter Salena Zito has to be in it. Her passion for journalism has inspired many people. She hardly flies traveling across countries and prefers to explore the effect of government in communities around the country. Either it is her shows, writings or books, Salena Zito is talking everywhere about government and political impact on people.

Today we will spare some of our time to discuss Salena Zito bio and wiki facts. Also, find out who Salena Zito husband is. Are you familiar with Salena Zito age and birthday? On the deck, we’ll be exploring Salena Zito books, wiki facts, bio, husband, married, age, birthday,  height, and parents.

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Who is Salena Zito?

Salena Zito is a political reporter for Washington Examiner, a columnist for New York Post and a contributor for CNN. Journalism has been her first career for over two decades. She has also presented many radio programs.

Salena is one of the board members of the “Center for Media and Public Policy” at the Heritage Foundation. Even the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has praised her for her work. Previously, she has worked for the campaigns of George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush. Before entering journalism, she used to work for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The gutsy reporter Salena has succeeded to outshine as a political reporter and columnist. She is also the host of SIRUS XM POTUS Channel Main Street meets the Beltway. Beforehand, she owned a pie business and a theatre. Before linking with Washington Examiner in 2016, she served as both reporter and columnist at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review for 11 years.

From President Gerald Ford to other competitors to all the 22 candidates of both Democratic and Republican sides running in the 2016 presidential election, Salena has interviewed all.

Salena Zito Husband and Married Life

Even though Salena hasn’t disclosed very much of her life updates unlike her profession, we have managed to carve out real life some stories. Just like her career, she has a settled family too.

The fearless Salena is married to her husband, Michael. However, the actual date of her wedding is missing. Together, they are parents to two grown-ups. Salena has a daughter named Shannon and a son, Glenn. As her children are already married, she also has grandchildren.

As Salena is active on social sites, she often posts about her children to shower love for them. Being a family persona, she prefers sitting down with her loud Italian family for dinner every Sunday.

Salena Zito Books

In 2018, Salena published her first book titled “The Great Revolt.” She had written the book together with her fellow journalist, Brad Todd. She has written another book called “The Great Divide,” which has not been published yet.

Her upcoming book “The Great Divide” shows the transition that the U.S. government and the citizens had gone through after former reality star Donald Trump was selected as American President. She said that she spent three presidential elections hearing people’s foiling that led to writing her the book as an effort to understand what drove people to vote in 2016.

Salena Zito Wiki – Bio: Age, Parents, Height, Birthday

Salena Zito was born in 1959 in Pennsylvania. She hasn’t revealed much about her parents apart from them being Italian origin.

Her grandfather committed suicide. In his loving memory, she has written an article mentioning how that changed her life. From the miserable story of the family, she has learned that being a kind and selfless help to stop the growing suicide rate.

She attended Perry Traditional Academy. Later, she completed her education from the University of Pittsburg.

Salena celebrates her birthday on 29th September that makes her age 59 at present. She is of half-Italian and half-Irish descent.

Salena stands at a decent height of 5 feet 2 inches. Apart from journalism, she is a cyclist, trekker, baseball fan and history nerd.