Ryan Seacrest and Girlfriend Shayna Taylor Broke up!

Ryan Seacrest is currently single!

Ryan Seacrest, the American radio personality broke up with his girlfriend, Shayna Taylor. The couple decided to part ways after nearly 3 years of romantic relationship.

Rayn and Shaya Taylor broke up
Ryan Seacrest split with girlfriend Shayna Taylor
Source: Radar Online

According to reports, the two decided to call it quits because of Seacrest’s unwillingness to get married. To add up, the duo apparently split as Taylor wanted to get married but Seacrest was not quite there yet.

A source confirmed to People,

It was an amicable split and they’re still really close

and added,

They still love and care about each other

The pair made each other’s acquaintance through mutual friends in 2013. They soon started dating and fell in love but parted ways in 2014. As they met again, Cupid did his part for the pair rekindling the lost romance of the two.

Taylor told PEOPLE after the patch up,

We had both matured

They enjoyed a happy life together before the news of their split broke out.

Ryan Seacrest and Girlfriend Shayna Taylor: Really close before their breakup

Ryan Seacrest and Shayna Taylor were really inseparable before their sudden decision to part ways. In fact, The duo used to inspire lovebirds all around the world with their unwavering love for each other.

Despite the busy schedules, the duo still managed time for each other no matter what. Seacrest is one of the most famous personalities in the show-biz and his former girlfriend Taylor is a food and wellness blogger for a fast-growing blog titled Shayna’s Kitchen.

Self-avowed fitness, health and wellness buffs, the duo counts tango lessons, boxing, and yoga among their recent favored activities.

While asked about the future plan last fall of the duo the American Idol host rather shifted to talk about the present happening.

he told PEOPLE,

Family is so important to me, and to Shayna as well, but I’ve always tried to put life into a master schedule with deadlines, and I don’t want to do that [with Shayna],

And added,

We both try to actually be in this moment, feel this connection, enjoy it and let it grow.

The split of one of the most influential couples of the show-biz is undoubtedly heart-wrenching for the fans.