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Is Ryan Paevey Dating Jessa Hinton? He Was Rumoured Hooking Up With Her After Being Signed For New Movie!

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Ryan Paevey, formerly Ryan Jacob Paevey-Vlieger is one well-known American actor who became popular through the series General Hospital. He acted as Nathan West in this series. Being popular not only means he earns more, but also his personal information being searched worldwide. He was once dating Katy Perry and Cher but now people are suspecting is Ryan Paevey dating Jessa Hinton or not. Let’s go through all the information regarding his love life and also about his new movie.

Is Ryan Paevey Dating Jessa Hinton?

Ryan Paevey with Alleged Girlfriend Jessa Hinton

We found it very much hard in searching information about him. As he is secretive in nature, finding information of his married life, about his girlfriend or whatsoever are not possible. Also the info is never discussed in media as well. But here are some tweets that might give you hunch of them dating.

When these tweets came out, I mean when media started highlighting about these tweets, his fans started speculating about them being together. But this news became rumour when Jessa started dating Sam Ashghari. But as of now, Sam is hooking up with Britney Spears.

Not only with Jessa, but Ryan was also alleged to be dating his co-star Kristen Storms. But that news also became another rumour when Kristen married Brandon Barash. It seems Ryan is dating his own career.

General Hospital’s Star Ryan Paevey Signed for New Movie

The handsome hunk star has collected millions of fans and followers by acting in the series General Hospital playing the role of Nathan West. He joined this very show in the year 2013 and now has become one of the most popular sensations in America alone.

Unleashing Mr Darcy cover pic

Ryan recently has signed for the movie. Although he has not revealed the name of this movie, might be because of some circumstances, but he revealed himself being villain in upcoming movie. Also he disclosed this new movie to include his hobbies like motorcycle riding and nature photography.

Before this movie, he worked for the movie named ‘Unleashing Mr. Darcy’ in which he acted as Donovan Darcy. This movie’s main theme was ‘Pride and Prejudice.’

As reported, Ryan will be leaving the series ‘General Hospital’ for quite some time to work for his new movie. We, Live Rumours team would like to congratulate and wish him success in his upcoming movie.

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