The fan favorite of RuPaul’s Drag Race, RuPaul Andre Charles, has made it to the Hollywood Walk of Fame through his career in acting, modeling, singing, and even writing.

While there are many who want to date or even marry, RuPaul Andre, this dream coming true seems unlikely. Why? Because he is already in a relationship? But, is he just dating or has he married already? Let’s find out!

What is RuPaul’s Marital Status?

RuPaul is a married man. He walked down the aisle with his love Georges LeBar, an Australian-based painter and author.

The duo met for the first time on Monday, March 16, 1994, at a New York City club The Limelight. While Ru was there for refreshment, his partner, Georges was at the club celebrating his birthday.

The now-married pair dated since then. And, 23 years later, they tied the knot on March 16, 2017. This date was actually the 23rd anniversary of their first meeting.

The 58 years’ old and 46 years’ old had a private wedding ceremony. Only their close friends and family attended the wedding.

The pair didn’t have any intention to marry though they walked down the aisle. Once in an interview, Ru revealed that both of them looked into marriage so that they “could get a tax break.”

Being that said, the duo still loved each other and wanted to live together. Charles further said,

Is he devoted to me? Am I devoted to him? Oh, hell yes.

Charles revealed about his marital life during the show, Hollywood Today Live. He said,

We got married actually on our 23rd anniversary. I met him on the dance floor on his birthday. So, we got married on the night of the anniversary of when we met. 

The duo doesn’t have any children of their own as Charles doesn’t want any. Likewise, there is no news of their extramarital affairs or of their divorce.

How Much is RuPaul’s Net Worth?

The Drag Queen, RuPaul has a net worth estimated at around $16 million while he enjoys an annual salary of $3 million. He amassed his fortune from his career in TV Shows, book writing, singing, modeling, and acting.

As an actor, he earns around $39.84 per hour. As he is a model as well, he earns around $42k per year.

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Charles is most famous as the host of RuPaul’s Drag Racing. From there, he earns around $9 per hour. However, the show’s contestant only earned in the range of $900 per episode.

Recently, Ru announced that the new season of the show will premiere with the opening act of Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth‘s wife. And, that’s not all, the show will feature a ton of high-profile names.

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RuPaul, apart from his modeling and acting jobs, also is an author. He has three books under her name. Her book GuRu sells at $14.55 for its hardcover edition. While for her Workin It!: RuPaul’s Guide to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Style, it sells at $11.60.

In contrast to RuPaul’s net worth, his partner, Georges LaBar has an estimated net worth of $15 million. He also owns a 60,000-acre ranch in South Dakota and Wyoming.

Recently, the BBC has confirmed that the Spice Girl Geri Horner and the Little Mix’s Jade Thirwall will be a part of the RuPaul’s Drag Race this year alongside RuPaul. They will be ranked as guest judges on the show.

Quick Facts of RuPaul

How old is RuPaul?

58 years old

What is RuPaul’s ethnic background?


Which nationality does RuPaul belong to?


How tall is RuPaul?

6 feet 4 inches

What sign was RuPaul born on?


Where did RuPaul receive his official education?

Northside School of Performing Arts

How many Primetime Emmys does RuPaul have?


What is RuPaul’s most outstanding award?

Hollywood Walk of Fame