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Rumors: Is Todd Chrisley Gay? If Not, Who is He Married To? Is He Still Dating?

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In life of celebrities, the things do not go smoothly all the times. Sometime, there would be pros while sometime they could face cons. If one is open to media and fans, the bad news never come to them, but those who are over secretive, they might face problems in their life.

Today, we will be talking about a multi-millionaire of the US, who works for the TV show named ‘Chrisley Knows Best.’ Recently, a rumor came up of him being gay. So, what’s the truth? Is Todd Chrisley gay or straight? And if he is straight, who is his wife or girlfriend? Stay with us to know more!

Rumors and Facts: Is Todd Chrisley Gay?

The very first search suggestion you would see in search engines when you type ‘Todd Chrisley’ is ‘Todd Chrisley Gay.’ It is because, there are thousands of people constantly speculating him to be gay and searching for same term thousands of times.

But, Todd is father of five and already married twice in his life, the news of him being gay is nothing more than a rumor.

When Todd was explained about how people speculated him to be gay, he made this statement:

‘If I disagree to what they speculated me to be, it would point that I do not like gay people. So, what I say to them is that it’s not their concept, this concept came when God made you so.’

Todd continued:

‘It’s bringing up a new thrill, as they are thinking how I can be laid on both ends.’

Todd Chrisley Married Life: Wife and Children

The handsome hunk Chrisley married twice in his life time. He hitched with Teresa Terry back in 90s. The date is still unknown, but the year was 1996 when they divorced. The reason of divorce has not been revealed.

Todd Chrisley Married Life, Wife and Children

Todd remarried in the same year with Julie Chrisley, who is also a TV celebrity. The duo is blessed with two kids, one son and a daughter. The couple named them Kyle Chrisley and Lindsie Chrisley.

From his previous married life, he has three children, making five in total. His kids from previous marriage are Savannah, Grayson and Chase Chrisley.

Chrisley Family in Chrisley Knows Best

As for now, Todd and his wife and children are living happily. There were recently seen in the program ‘Chrisley Knows Best.’ The whole family members except Kyle were present on that episode. We, Live Rumours team would like to wish the prosperity to sustain in their life.

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