The head of the Amazon Studios, Roy Price has been suspended following the news of the allegations of sexual harassment to a producer and ignoring an actress’s claim of a sexual assault by Harvey Weinstein.

The Studio’s COO, Albert Cheng will be the interim head of the division. The Amazon said in a statement on Thursday:

Roy Price is on leave of absence effective immediately. We are reviewing our options for the projects we have with The Weinstein Company

Isa Hackett Dick, 50, is a daughter of author Philip K Dick and an executive producer of Amazon’s ‘The Man in the High Castle.’ She alleged Mr. Price that he lewdly propositioned her back in 2015. She claimed that Mr. Price had made sexual comments to her at a company party in San Diego two years ago.

Caption: Executive producer Isa Hackett Dick alleged Mr. Price for sexual accusations back in 2015.

Photo credit: Hollywood Reporter

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter on Thursday, Isa Hackett revealed that she reported the executives of Amazon immediately after the incident. But she never got the chance to know the outcome of the inquiry.

However, a spokesperson of Amazon told THR:

We take seriously any questions about the conduct of our employees. We looked closely at this specific concern and addressed it directly with those involved

Likewise, the American actress Rose McGowan addressed Amazon chief Jeff Bezos on Twitter where she said HW raped me. Here, HW represents Harvey Weinstein.

Caption: Actress Rose McGowen was raped by the Hollywood Producer Harvey Weinstein.

Roy Price had ignored the actress’s claim of a sexual assault by Weinstein. So he is also the one responsible for the assault according to Rose. Is Roy Price guilty or is it only a false accusation? We will have to wait for the investigation till then know more of Roy Price married like with details of his wife, children, and net worth.

 Roy Price’s Wiki-Like Short Bio: His Former Wife And Children Along With His Career and net worth

Born in the year 1967, Roy celebrates his birthday on 21st of July. With his recent birthday celebration, he made half-century for his age; Price is 51 years old as of now. He is the son of Frank Price and Katherine Crawford. His father, Frank previously ran Columbia Pictures and Universal Pictures as a chairman.

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Price’s father, Frank previously ran Columbia Pictures and Universal Pictures as a chairman. He is the grandson of Roy Huggins who created legendary television series: ‘Maverick,’ ‘The Fugitive,’ and ‘The Rockford Files.’ He has a younger brother, director David Price. His parents raised him very well and are proud of his success.


Caption: Roy Price is the son of film Hollywood legend, Frank Price.

Photo credit: jukinoldies

Price completed B.A. from Harvard University and also graduated from the University of Southern California Law School with a J.D. Before fame, he was ‘third assistant cameraman’ during the shooting of ‘Return to the Blue Lagoon.’

Price has developed many TV series and animated films: Recess, Hercules, Timon & Pumba, House of Mouse, Tarzan & Jane, and Mickey’s House of Villains. At present, he is an executive CEO at Amazon. But he has been suspended for a while because of the sexual accusations.

hakuna matata
Caption: Roy Price supervised the TV animated series ‘Timon & Pumba’ in 1995.

Photo credit: Pinterest

Roy Price had a wife Grace Price. He limited his son to just two and a half hours a week watching television. He believes the restriction helped his son to pick his favorite shows.

Roy spent 10 years of his life in Seattle and moved to a Malibu home with his beloved wife and three children. He keeps his private life secret and thus never mentions his wife and children to social media. However, Roy is not a married man at present. He had divorced his wife already. There is no information about the divorce with his wife, Grace.

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As a former director and supervisor and executive CEO at Amazon, Roy has earned a substantial amount of money. However, he has not exposed the total value of his net worth to the media yet. But of course, Roy price net worth is very huge. But the latest scandal would obviously affect his net worth in the coming days.  According to sources, Roy’s total net worth is supposed to be about $68 million as of 2017.

Roy Price’s Fiance Canceled Wedding After Sexual Harassment Allegations!

Roy announced his engagement to his girlfriend, Lila Feinberg when Hollywood director McG threw a party for Price’s 50th birthday on the last weekend of July.

His fiance Lila Feinberg is a TV writer and playwright who has received the ‘Araca Group’s National Graduate Playwriting Award.’ She is also an executive producer and creator of “12 Parties.”

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However, Price’s soon-to-become-wife has canceled her upcoming wedding with Roy Price following the suspension from Amazon. The wedding was going to hold on the 12th of November at The Carlyle in New York City, as reported by Page Six.

roy and wife
Caption: Roy Price’s soon-to-be-wife, Lila Feinberg has canceled the wedding, 15 October 2017.

Photo credit: Zimbio

Feinberg was planning to wear Marchesa on her wedding day designed by Georgina Chapman, wife of producer Harvey Weinstein. Though she has canceled the wedding now, will she decide to marry him later on and be his wife? Let’s see; we will update you again, so soon!