Being a husband, wife or even boyfriend of celebrities attracts the attention of media itself whether you want it or not. Same goes for Ron Fisico, who is the husband of the former WWE diva wrestler, Trish Stratus.

Ron has become a center of attraction to the media as well as the public as he is the husband of the only woman in the history to win the WWE Women’s Championship seven times. If you are wondering about his married life with Trish Stratus and his children, then let’s find out.

What’s going on in Fisico’s married life with his wife?

Ron Fisico’s married life is going well with his wife, WWE diva Trish Stratus. Although there were some rumors of Trish cheating on her husband it only seems to be false accusations there is no evidence to prove the fact.

It seems like Ron doesn’t have any intentions to divorce her under any circumstances. They have already passed eleven years of their successful married life.

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Caption: Ron Fisico and his wife Trish Stratus look happy together.

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On September 30, 2013, the couple welcomed their first child a son named Maximus Stratus Fisico for which she announced her pregnancy at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony.

Following the birth of the first child, she announced on twitter about her expectation of her second child in October 2016. On January 14, 2017, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, She gave birth to baby girl named Madison-Patricia Fisico at the age of 41.

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Caption: Trish’s son Maximus Stratus Fisico and her daughter Madison-Patricia Fisico pictured together.

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On 30th September of the year 2006, Ron Fisico married to his long term girlfriend and sweetheart of his school time, Trish Stratus. Ron and Trish met when they both went to the Bay View Secondary School.  Before getting married, the pair dated for nearly fourteen years.

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Caption: Ron and Trish on the day of their marriage.

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They had a huge celebration on their wedding and most of the guest who attended their wedding were WWE divas. However, she was asked to be a part of the show “Armed and Famous” right after their marriage.

Previously, there were some rumors regarding Trish’s affairs got surfaced in the social media. Trish had relationships with popular wrestlers Chris Jericho and Christian and the controversies around them. She also had an affair with Vince McMahon.

Trish was also in a lesbian relationship with Mickie James which ended after only dating for about nine months, and on June 26 the ex-couple fought in Women’s Championship for the final time.

Body builder Ron  Fisico’s life has been behind the shadow, so the details of his birth date and other info like his weight height is missing and is not revealed by the body builder himself.

Through the body building career and his wife former WWE diva wrestler, Trish Stratus, Ron has earned huge amount of net worth which is estimated to be around 2.5 million dollars.