Few people in the world dare to choose journalism as their dream profession because of the pressure and demanding standards that the field requires. Among such few people is Romilly Weeks who works as the journalist for the UK based television company ITN.

The experienced reporter serves for the ITN as a political correspondent and reports on the political and royal inside matters. Well, even if you have never heard of Romilly then don’t worry we have all covered just for you.

Who is Romilly Weeks?

Romilly Weeks is an English newsreader and journalist who is currently working as a political correspondent for ITN. Initially, she began her career as an actress and later went in the field of journalism.

YouTube: Romilly Weeks doing her work.

As a journalist, she mainly covers Royal and political matters. She interviewed some of the famous personalities like Prince Harry, former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, John Howard, and Theresa May.

How is Romilly Weeks’ Personal Life? Is She Married?

Romilly Weeks is relishing a happy marital relationship with her husband Nick Green of many years. Nick is the co-founder of Chifafa, a restaurant which specializes in making kabab.

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Like her career, the female reporter has not clearly disclosed her personal life. However, in an interview in 2015, she revealed that she has children with her spouse. In fact, she reportedly has three kids but not sure about what sex they are.

Romilly Weeks' net worth
Romilly Weeks is a married woman.

SOURCE: Daily Express

Regardless of her secretive personal life, the political correspondent seems to take her professional career smoothly. In addition, Weeks’ sole online presence is Twitter and on that, she only shares about her work-related matters.

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The ITN reporter seems to keep her professionalism in her job by not engaging her personal life on her works. In other words, she prefers a higher level of professionalism than making her personal life a public issue.

How Much is Romilly Weeks’ Net Worth?

Romilly Weeks holds an estimated net worth of $200 Thousand. As per the sources of her income, she accumulates her wealth mostly from her journalism career.

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The average salary of a journalist in the United Kingdom is $39180 (£30,000) in a year. As a matter of fact, with about five years of experience, a person can earn $47661 (£36,494) and a decade or more of experience earn around $62,688 (£48,000).

Ronilly Weeks' spouse Nick Green's Resturant Chifafa
Romilly Weeks’ husband Nick Green’s Resturant Chifafa.

SOURCE: Food Urchin

Since Romilly has been working in the field for well above a decade now, she undoubtedly earns a fortune. Unlike her, Weeks’ spouse, Nick Green owns a restaurant which focuses on making Berlin Kebab located in Clerkenwell, London.

Body Measurements: Romilly Weeks

Romilly Weeks looks really tall and stands somewhere around 5 feet 9 inches. Similarly, she has a slim body figure which matches her tall height.

The female correspondent’s hair is dark brown and the eyes are light brown. Regarding her age, she is 45 years old as of 2019.

Quick Facts of Romilly Weeks

Where and when was Romilly Weeks born?

Paddington, London, England on December 15, 1973

Who are Romilly Weeks’ parents?

John Henry Weeks

What nationality does Romilly Weeks belong to?


What is Romilly Weeks’s ethnicity?


What is Romilly Week’s hair color?

Dark Brown

Which eye color does Romilly Week possess?

Light Brown

How old is Romilly Weeks?

45 years old.