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Is Rodrigo Santoro Married Or Is Dating His Girlfriend? Is He Gay?

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Actors and actress seems to be always engaged with some news and rumours. As for actor like Rodrigo Santoro, he is engaged with his work, with his girlfriends and also with the rumours of being gay. But now, the news of serious relationship with Mel is biggest hit. With long page relationships in past, he has now stepped into serious love life. Let’s us now discuss about if Rodrigo Santoro married his girlfriend or is still dating her!

Is Rodrigo Santoro Married? His Serious Girlfriend is Mel Franckowiak!

As Rodrigo is mentioned in sexiest man’s list of E!; it is not unusual to have a girlfriend in his life. He is currently dating Mel Franckowiak who is best known as Brazilian actress. Santoro is now in serious relationship with Mel, and there information is open to media too. They are often seen in different public places.

Rodrigo Santoro and his Girlfriend Mel Franckowiak
Rodrigo Santoro and his Girlfriend Mel Franckowiak

In the year 2014, Just Jared, Rodrigo and Mel were seen in Beverly Hills together with had crossed. They were seemed to be heading for lunch in Urth Cafe. As couple started dating 3 years back, it seems they want to enjoy their dating life a bit more. Thus, there is no news about their marriage or engagement.

For now, they are enjoying love life and do not want to further go in get together relationship. But it would be wonderful if they tie a knot and get married.

Is Rodrigo Santoro Gay or Straight?

Santoro being an actor was once seen as gay in ‘I Love You, Philip Morris’ movie. As he is enthusiast enough to get through the character, most of people suspected him to be gay in his real life too. The audience also speculated him to be of negative sexual orientation.

But we can say that Rodrigo is not gay, and is straight. For proof, his girlfriends in past dating history and love of the present Mel is.

As his net worth counts around $10 million, he is adored by millions of fans and followers. But having male fan the most does not make him gay, does it?