A British software engineer, Robert Hawking, is well-known as the eldest son of the cosmologist, physicist, and international bestselling author, late Stephen Hawking. Hence, it is an obvious tradition that offspring of celebrities also attain fame.

While some of them focus on the limelight, the rest choose to stay away. Robert is on the latter perspective, pulling himself out of the media and having a quality family time besides fame. However, we have tried to tag along Robert Hawking, son of Stephen Hawking’s personal life, private affairs that he is trying to conceal.

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Let’s dig into everything about Robert Hawking’s private affairs including married life with his wife, amidst his infirmities and divorces, career, net worth, facts, wiki-bio and more.

Robert Hawking’s Married Life

Robert Hawking is leading a blissful married life. He is blessed with a son and a daughter with whom he along with his wife lives in Seattle, Washington although he was born in United Kingdom and is of British nationality. As a matter of fact, he was alsoborn and raised in the UK.

Youtube: Professor Stephen Hawking ALS Ice Bucket Challenge 

Despite being the son of a globally renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, Robert Hawking’s married life is not much exposed to the limelight. Therefore, most of his private affairs are concealed within his family.

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Unlike his father, who is a public figure, Robert keeps his family time apart from social media and news stories. As a matter of fact, he is living a contented life with his wife, son, and daughter in Seattle, Washington,, the capital city of US.

Robert Hawking’ Career and Net worth

Though Robert Hawking was fascinated toward Science like his father, Stephen Hawking, he graduated in software engineering from college. Now, he has worktables as the software engineer at Microsoft in Seattle, Washington, USA. Also, he worked as an engineer in Canada despite his British Nationality.

Robert Hawking Wiki, Bio, Son of Stephen Hawking, Parents, Family, Wife, networth, bio, age married
Caption; Professor Stephen Hawking & wife Jane (DIVORCED) with children Robert, Lucy & Tim.

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Robert admitted that he had a deep interest in science but considered himself to be summoned as an engineer. On the contrary, his sister, Lucy Hawking is an English columnist and author of George’s Secret Key to the Universe. If it’s about the universe, it’s a reference that even Lucy, sister of Robert Hawking had the connection with father.

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Talking about his profession, he is an engineer, dedicating his skills in Microsoft Company. Despite the fact that Robert usually hides from highlight stories of media, it is a known consideration that he had contributed a giant effort in his field. Do you wonder what Robert’s net worth would look like?

Robert Hawking’s son pictured with Tim Peake (left) and Benedict Cumberbatch (right).

Since he is working in a reputed organization, Robert Hawking’s net worth estimation is around $5 million. Whereas as for his late father, Stephen Hawking, he had $20 million at the time of his death, according to a source.

Robert Hawking’s Parents and Family

Robert Hawking is the son of father Stephen Hawking, who reprised groundbreaking efforts in physics and cosmology, and mother Jane Wilde. His mother is an award-winning author for Making a trip to infinity: My life with Stephen.

His parents divorced in 1995 following the second marriage for both of his mother and father. However, it did not affect his relationship with them.

Moreover, he would always make time to visit them and support Stephen Hawking during Lou Gehrig’s disease, a form of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

Robert Hawking Wiki, Bio, Son of Stephen Hawking, Parents, Family, Wife, networth, bio, age married
Caption; Robert Hawking when young with Stephan Hawking, Jane Wilde, and Lucy Hawking.

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Robert had a splendid bond with sister Lucy Hawking. She is a journalist and author who had collaborated with father to complete a book on George’s Secret Key To The Universe. Similarly, Lucy is a French and Russian examiner at the University of Oxford.

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Even though Timothy Hawking is a half-brother of Robert, whose biological father is Jonathan Hellyer Jones, a musician and second husband of Jane Wilde, Robert still shares a splendid bond with Timothy.

YouTube: Robert Hawking’s family including his parents and siblings

The Hawking family had stayed together in spite of Stephen Hawking’s rare disease and his second marriage to Elaine. Later, they claimed Elaine to be the gold digger.

People accused her of Stephen Hawking’ broken wrist and wounded body. But Stephen Hawking never accepted it somehow. The entire allegation ended up on good terms when he divorced Elaine in 2006.

Robert Hawking’s Age, Wiki, Bio

Robert Hawking was born in May 1967 under the birth sign Taurus. The 52-years old Robert shared heartwarming relationship with father, Stephen Hawking. In one of the interviews, his mother, Jane Wilde confessed that their eldest son Robert supported his father amidst his war against the rare disease.

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As mentioned earlier, he had the inclination towards science like his father but later he chose software engineering as a profession. Before Microsoft, he worked in Canada. He usually, acknowledges himself as an engineer despite having the extraordinary fascination towards science.