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Being born in the lineage of the elites certainly has its perks, just because their parents are famous and wealthy. Celeb-kid Roan Joseph Bronstein got his chance at the spotlight as soon as he entered the family of star parents.

The chap might as well live easy for the rest of his life without lifting a finger but he has his aspirations without fail. In the light of, what are they? And who are his celeb parents really? Let’s get started!

Who is Roan Joseph Bronstein?

Roan Joseph Bronstein, the son of journalist and editor, Phil Bronstein and Hollywood actress Sharon Stone. Knowing who Phil Bronstein is possibly is a big thing to ask of but his mother, Sharon Stone needs no introduction. His mom was popular for her commercials and advertisements before making it big in the movies.

Roan Joseph Bronstein parents are famous celebrities
Roan Joseph Bronstein is the son of actress Sharon Stone

The actress’ acclaimed works include Basic Instinct (1992), Casino (1995), The Mighty (1998), The Muse (1999), Lovelace (2013),Basic Instinct 2 (2006), Bobby (2006), The Disaster Artist (2017), Fading Gigolo (2013), and so on.

Roan Joseph Bronstein’s Family & Siblings

All in all, Roan Joseph Bronstein leads a comfortable life surrounded by his beloved family. Nevertheless, truth be told, he is the adopted son of his father, Bronstein, and mother, Stone. His foster parents adopted him in 2000. Even though they are not his biological parents, they take good care of him in all regards and make him feel at home.

After meeting and being in love, the teenager’s mom Sharon and dad Bronstein held their wedding ceremony and exchanged eternal vows on February 14, 1998. But soon, the marriage took a turn for the worse and fell apart so they subsequently opted for divorce on January 29, 2004.

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In September 2008, Phil won full custody of his son Roan and Stone got her visitation rights and so the battle came to an end after four long years. However, currently, Roan lives with his mom and his half-brothers, Laird Stone and Quinn Stone whom his mother later took in. He also has other two half-siblings from his father’s second matrimony.

Roan Joseph Bronstein along with his family
Roan Joseph Bronstein with his mum Sharon Stone and his half-siblings, Laird Stone and Quinn Stone.
SOURCE: Ecelebritymirror

The Basic Instinct lady puts effort to take her children out of the newspapers and media so she rarely does anything that brings attention to her children. Her son, Roan also does not have an online presence and he left social media platforms some years back. It is a good thing that he is away from virtual networking which is more negative than it is acceptable.

How Much is Roan Joseph Bronstein’s Net Worth?

Roan Joseph Bronstein does not have a remarkable net worth right now as he is yet to be a full-fledged adult and there is some time before he embarks on his professional line of work.

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The youngster’s mother, Sharon Stone, on the other hand, owns a massive net worth of $60 million as an actress, producer, and previous model. She put her palatial Beverly Hills domain for sale at $6.57 million back in 2012. The hosue had a valuation of $10.995 million in 2006. She still chose to live in the same Beverly Hills neighborhood and resides in a mansion there with her three children.

Sharon Stone's spectacular residence in Beverly hills
Roan Joseph Bronstein’s mother Sharon Stone’s house in Beverly Hills.
Source: Pinterest

Roan’s mother also owns a 1972 Ford LTD Convertible which costs $15 thousand while also having a BEntley Continental GTC costing $200 thuosand

The celeb kid’s father also holds a net worth of $1 million as journalist and editor. Previously, he earned $63 thousand to $143 thousand per year as the executive editor of The San Francisco Examiner. He now receives an impressive payroll as the chairman of the Center for Investigative Reporting.

In conclusion, it only means that Roan has other things to worry about and financial troubles do not make it to that list.

Roan Joseph Bronstein: Body Measurements

Roan Joseph Bronstein is a young lad standing at a height of 5 feet 8 inches. He is a handsome youngster who has a pair of blue eyes and light blonde hair.

Roan Joseph Bronstein with his mom Sharon Stone
Roan Joseph Bronstein with his mother Sharon Stone at an event.
SOURCE: Popsugar

Quick Facts: Roan Joseph Bronstein

When and where was Roan Joseph Bronstein born?

May 22, 2000, Texas, United States

What is the nationality of Roan Joseph Bronstein?


Which is Roan Joseph Bronstein’s ethnicity?


What is the zodiac sign of Roan Joseph Bronstein?


Who are the parents of Roan Joseph Bronstein?

Sharon Stone and Phil Bronstein

Who are the grandparents of Roan Joseph Bronstein?

Dorothy Stone and Joseph Stone

Which is the color of the hair of Roan Joseph Bronstein?

Light blonde

What is Roan Joseph Bronstein’s eye color?


How tall is Roan Joseph Bronstein?

5 feet 8 inches

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