Rive Walters, the child of a famous actor and a rapper. Moreover, the young celebrity kid leads a life away from the spotlight. But, due to the fame of his parents, he became the center of attention.

Talking about family, he is the second child of his parents. In fact, he has an elder sister. Interested to know more about him? Well, keep reading to find out more about Rive.

Rive Walters: Family, Nationality, and Age

Rive Walters aka River Leslie Walters, was born in early October of 2016. Moreover, he was born in England, the U.K to his parents. He holds British nationality and comes from a black ethnicity.

Rive Walters with his Family
Rive Walters with his Family
Image Source: Instagram

The young celebrity child was born to a well-known British rapper and actor Ashley Walters and his wife Danielle Isaie. What’s more, both of his parents work in the entertainment industry.

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More on the Wiki-Bio, before his birth, his celebrity parents welcomed a daughter in the late August of 2014. And, the name of his elder sister is Amiaya-Love Walters.

Walters’s Personal life

Rive Walters leads a peaceful and normal life with his family. But, due to the fame of his parents, the name of the child is well known. Moreover, the celebrity kid remains oblivious to the weight of his name.

Rive Walters with his dad Ashley Walters and sister Amiaya-Love Waters
Rive Walters with his dad Ashley Walters and sister Amiaya-Love Waters
Image Source: Instagram

Moving on, other than his sister Amiaya, River also has five half-siblings on his father’s side. In fact, Ashley shired two sons and a daughter with his ex-partner Natalie (Last name unknown). The talented artist also welcomed two other daughters with another woman. And from his mother’s side, Walters has a half-brother.

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Other than attending school, Rive usually lives with the care and love of his mom and dad. Moreover, his mother features both of her children heavily on her Instagram. And, he makes a frequent appearance in his dad’s Instagram posts as well.

Dad’s Demons

As we all know, no one is free from their demons. This also includes celebrities. And Walters tries to keep his child as happy as he can. Unlike his own father that left him and his mother.

Ashley Walter at the set of "The Musketeers"
Ashley Walter at the set of “The Musketeers”
Image Source: Instagram

Back in 2010, he told the Radio Times:

 “I was constantly looking for a father figure in every man I met, and it meant that the majority of the time I was just eager to please – or trying to get people to be proud of me. And that means sometimes if there was weed to sell, I would do it.

“If there was something bad to do, I would do it. It wasn’t about ‘I wanted to be bad’ or I was confused from my upbringing or I didn’t have an education.

“It was actually that I wanted to fit in and I wanted to feel safe and I was looking for all of those things that I was missing, really, from not having a father.”

Net worth and Salary of His Parents

Rive Walters being just a child does not own net worth for himself. But, his parents hold a combined estimated net worth of $4.5 million. Similarly, the duo earns an approximated salary of $700,000 annually.

The celebrity child and his family currently enjoy a life filled with comfort and luxury. In fact, his mother loves to share their outings and vacations on her Instagram account.

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Other than his acting career, Ashley also managed to release a number of studio albums, mixtapes, and singles. As a matter of fact, his stage name or a “rapper name” used to be Ashley D.

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