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Is Rickey Smiley Married or Not? Is He Still Dating Someone?

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Internationally known celeb Rickey Smiley, most of time as a comedian and radio host is a father of four children. Being a single parent with two sons and two daughters, isn’t it too hard for him to nurture his children? Well he is already 48 years old, and most of us really want to know if he is raising his children on his own or someone is helping him. Today, we shall uncover the secrets of Rickey Smiley married life and his dating life as well.

Is Rickey Smiley Married? He Has Too Many Children To Look For!

Rickey, 48, is well-known to world being comedian, radio host and also a father of four children. His family includes two biological sons: Brandon Smiley and Malik Smiley along with two adopted girls named D’essence and Aaryan Smiley. Moreover, he is also looking after his brother’s child named Craig as well.

But wait a minute; we are not talking about the children of Rickey Smiley at all. What we are discussing is the co-parent with whom Rickey joins force to raise kids. While searching through web, we found some websites alleged him being gay and is married to a gay partner, but there were no firm evidence to prove that. Although there was no sign of him being connected to any partner, some people speculated him to be gay, Bossip confirms.

What we all want to know about is whether Rickey Smiley married someone close or not, of which answer is No! He might be too busy in fulfilling the dreams of those children, that he never got enough time to search for his own dream wife. Maybe he is still struggling to get a perfect wife.

Is Rickey Smiley Dating Someone?

Although web tabloids are full of spam and rumours, we did not find any real evidence of Rickey being linked with someone. Being a comedian, people rarely speculate him to be hooking with some celebrities, while some web wikis argued him to have some ‘whipped love’ with Claudia Jordan. Yes Claudia is a same lady with whom DeRay was confirmed to be in relation a while ago.

As of December 2016, a girl confirmed to be dating Rickey. The girl, who never disclosed her name publicly, expresses her feelings for Rickey when she saw his account in Sugar Daddies. Not just that, there is also a proof that can turn Smiley to be a dating man. Moreover she also mentioned him to be mistreating person. Here is the real proof of that:

Rickey Smiley's Leaked Conversation
Rickey Smiley’s Leaked Conversation                                                                                                      source:

Smiley was almost caught into scandal having an affair with Maria Taylor. Maria herself slipped the information of having a good time with him.

For Rickey who is almost 50, has yet to decide for his future life. Well, all we can do is wish him a bunch of luck for his prosperous future now!