Marriage is a connection between two people who share their joys, sorrows, likes, and dislikes. Two people combine their feelings and adjust to comfort their loved one. But after sharing such bond and later you realize you have made the wrong choice. What will happen to you if such thing is going on in your life?

The Same thing has happened to Television presenter Richard Wilkins. Recently, he has disclosed about his marriage failure. Now you must be thinking what might be the reason of the failed marriage? Who was he married? Now has he married again or single? And much more.

To remove your curiosity let’s explore more about Richard Wilkins personal life.

Richard Wilkins discussed his marriage failure? Is he again married or single?

Richard Wilkins popular Australian television presenter is successful in his professional life, but he is not successful in his married life. He had three marriage, but none of them were successful as it ended up in divorce.

Richard during his work
Caption: Tv presenter Richard Wilkins during his work.

 Photo Credit: Daily Mail

In an interview, Richard Wilkins has disclosed about what marriage and why it failed and ended in divorce, he says,

‘Marrying “well?” you want to marry someone who makes you laugh, someone who is not an axe murderer… Ultimately, we are responsible for our own thing’

He paused while discussing and further adds,

‘But when you do get into m- Marriage…it’s not my specialty.’

Concluding he had told how was his marriage. He says,

‘no two marriages are the same.’

Richard Wilkins started the conversation saying we should marry someone who makes us laugh and ended with the statement that marriage is not his specialty and no two marriage are the same.

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He had married to his girlfriend Lynette for the first time. After that, he married to Colette Dinnigan and Michelle Burke. The reason he divorced all his wife is not revealed by Richard, but what we can say is three failed marriage is no joke and Richard may have done something wrong which is why all his wife divorced him. But at the moment he is possibly single.

Is Richard Wilkins the father of any children? How many does he have?

Richard Wilkins is a great tv presenter but is he good as a father?

Yes, indeed he is an excellent father but can you guess how many children does he have? He has five children.

Richard Wilkins with his kids
Caption: Richard Wilkins with his kids while receiving Order of Australia Award at Government House in Sydney.

Photo credit: Daily Mail

At a young age, he became a father from his girlfriend, Lynette. At the age of 18, he was the father of the handsome son named Adam with his 16 years girl whom he married later. But unfortunately, Adam born with Down syndrome.

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In an interview, Richard shares that moment when Adam was born. He says,

“I have always described Adam as my rock ”

He further adds,

“I had the potential to be the black sheep of the family, certainly the potential to have a wild side. I fell in love with the new music. I was sort of ready to run with all of that, and then Adam came along. He forced me to grow up.”

His first son made him bold and forced him to grow up. He remembers how he felt when his son was born with down syndrome.He says,

“It was a shock. I think we wondered what it meant, what do we need to do, how does it work, will we be able to cope?”

It is an obvious thing to be afraid when your first child is suffering from such condition, isn’t it? Again he adds, for him his children are paramount.

“My children have always been paramount to me”
He again adds,
“Of all the nice things that have happened, they are my infinitely greatest achievement. I’ve always been ambitious and always had stuff I wanted to do, but I would hope that I have never neglected family life.”
Along with Adam,43 he has four more children, Rebecca, 33, Nicholas, 31, Christian,21 and his youngest daughter Estella,12.
Recently, he was involved in his daughter Rebecca wedding. Rebecca married her boyfriend, James Bateman. Rebecca and James announced their engagement in January 2016 while on holiday in Bali.
Caption: Richard Wilkins in her daughter’s wedding with other family members. 

Photo Credit: Daily Telegraph

Richard Wilkins is an Australian presenter who is working currently as the Entertainment Editor for the Nine Network and Today. Richard  Wilkins was born on  19th June 1954 in New Zealand.
Talking about his education, he has graduated in Major English and Music from teacher’s college at New Zealand. His television star started as tv presenter from Australian series of MTV broadcasted by nine networks. Not only this, but he had also hosted a game show named Keynotes in 1992.

Now, you must be thinking what is the net worth of his famous personality, isn’t it? Here we are to reveal his net worth. Richard hasn’t revealed about his net worth, but his estimated net worth is around $1.5 million.