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Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford Divorce: What Was The Real Reason? To Whom is She Married Now?

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Cindy Crawford, formerly Cynthia Ann Crawford is one of the models cum actresses who married more than once in the lifetime. At present, she is happily married for the second time and also has two children. Her first husband with whom she divorced quite some time ago, Richard Gere is now not in touch with her. As after their divorce, she started seeing him as a stranger, they are no longer friends. So, we will be discussing about the real reason of Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford today. Unlike other celebrities, Cindy herself explained the real reason of her divorce along with the experiences and situations in her first marriage. Something must have happened between them, otherwise why would she disclose reason of the divorce?

Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford Divorce: What’s The Reason?

Cindy and Richard married in 1991. Well we don’t know whether the marriage was love or not, also we don’t know when they started dating; but we know that they met while working. As Richard is an actor, they must have met in some functions or shows. The couple shared married life for four years and separated in the year 1995. Both after divorce moved on. Richard then married Carey Lowell in 2002, shared married life for 14 years and separated in the year 2016.

As Daily Mail reports, Cindy does not consider her former husband to be friend, rather she admits him to be stranger. She herself stated that there was no such thing called friendship.

‘I don’t know a day he considering me as a friend! I was around 26 years old when I married Richard and I knew that was not the time preferable to get into serious relationship!’

Further, she also mentioned about Richard’s behaviour when there were married:

‘We shared married life for almost six years, but for me it was like two years or so!’

Cindy also termed her relationship in much other perception. She said that the relation came to an end not because why we weren’t friends, but because she was younger than Richard. Moreover she also explained why there came difference in their married life. She stated that:

‘I married him in kindling age, and then started growing up not just physically but also mentally. I then found it hard to consider in relationship in which I was in already!’

To whom is Cindy Crawford Married Now?

After finding out what the real love and relationship is, Cindy finally divorced Richard Gere. The three years after divorce, she again found some love in her life when she met Rande Gerber for the first time. The duo met in the year 1997. Rande, who was model back then, married Crawford in the year 1988. For now they share blissful married life.

Cindy is a supermodel while Rande is a businessman. Even now, she is working as model while former model Rande has been caught up in business. Their son Presley Walker and daughter Kaia Jordan are already 17 and 15 years old.