A British guy who came all the way to Dubai and started his vlogging is now one of the most popular YouTubers know as Mo Vlogs. He has attracted many of his viewers by showing off his car collection and his passion for cars.

Mo also features his sister Lana Rose in most of his videos, and the brother-sister duo has many videos with millions of viewers. Mo also features many of his millionaire and billionaire friends in his videos and one of his close friends Money Kicks known as Rashed Belhasa does many appearances in his videos.

Many of his viewers are very curious about how much does Mo Vlog make from his YouTube Channel? Many also want to know what his net worth and about his parents including his parents, sister, and family.

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Also, many of his viewers want to know if he is dating and has a girlfriend or is he single. So, without further ado get the details right here and know your favorite Vlogger in more detail.

Mo Vlogs’ Mohamed Beiraghdary’s Popularity

Mo Vlog, Mohamed Beiraghdary is a world known YouTuber, based in Dubai. He lives in London, but mostly in Dubai. His popularity is high, as he features supercars in all of his videos.

As Dubai is the place where rich kids and people live, he concentrated mostly on supercars, that most of the citizen can afford.

Caption: One of the videos of Mo Vlogs

His most famous video is Rich Kids of the Middle East in which he has featured the most expensive car event. This video solely has 17 million views.

As his channel’s subscribers count 6.6 million, the number of visits in his videos are evident. Mohamed is versatile enough to share his day to day activities with friends to his viewers, so it’s obvious to have an increasing number of viewers.

The places where he mostly filmed are the Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall, and the Ski Dubai.

How Much Does Mo Vlogs Make? Mo Vlogs’ Net Worth

Mo Vlogs Mohamed Beiraghdary lives in Dubai with his mother and sister Lana Rose. His sister is a painter by profession.

Mo is a famous personality, as is loved by most of his fans and followers. His fans frequently send him some gifts as well.

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Till date, the video views count to more than 1.7 billion. And talking about his income from YouTube, he has already earned almost $9 million.

According to some tabloids, Mo makes around $7,423 per video. Similarly, he earns around $7.4k to $118k per month from his YouTube Channel. Hence, in total, Mo Vlogs makes an estimated $188k to $1.4 million per year.

Mo Vlogs hasn’t revealed his net worth yet; still, his net worth should be around $12 million. His net worth includes the Lamborghini Aventador and his Mustang.

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Recently, Mo Vlogs has also opened his new eatery, Fun and Shakes, in Jumeirah 3.  Look at this video.

YouTube: Mo Vlogs shop finally done

Since Mo Vlogs also has a shop under his name, his net worth will surely peak in the near future.

Mo Vlogs Sister

As we have already stated, Mo Vlogs sister also lives with him and his mother. His sister, Lana Rose was born on September 21, 1989, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


With Virgo as her birth sign, Lana showcases her modesty through her videos and Instagram posts. Mo Vlogs has several videos on his YouTube Channel that shows his sister Lana.