Not everyone can become famous by preaching in the world today. However, a Kenyan woman pastor has made a name for herself with the help of her preaching and excellent communication skills.

Reverend Lucy Natasha is the pastor who is making a living by taking her gospel to various places, countries for preaching and for conference speaking. She is one of the young preachers who have their view of god and trying to share it with other people. Her different thoughts and approach to preaching are what made her so renowned in the Christian community and the world.

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Rev Lucy Natasha Has No Time for Love

Reverend Lucy Natasha is a very much demanded preacher all over the world. She is so busy doing her work abroad and in her country that her love life is seriously neglected.

Though there were many rumors regarding her affairs all of them were just rumors. She is also interested in getting married in a grand wedding ceremony and having a husband who would love him. Lucy Natasha is often found talking in interviews about what kind of man she would prefer to her boyfriend or husband.

Rev Lucy Natasha Age, Husband, Married, Net Worth, Cars, Books, Bio
Caption: Rev Lucy Natasha

Source: Hallelujah

She is strictly committed to Prophetic Glory Ministries International. An institution established by herself. She is always busy in promoting and doing works of her ministry that she doesn’t have any time to look for a man of her dreams. She hasn’t dated anybody till now and is very much single.

But as she is growing old, thoughts of having a family and husband must have crossed her mind. As of now, the pastor is busy in building a career for herself and her foundation.

Rev Lucy Natasha Net Worth

We all think that pastors gaining is comparatively less to other professions. A pastor earns whatever is given to him by the church. As it turns out, we all seem to have a wrong view. Most of the pastors gain huge chunks of money including Reverend Lucy Natasha.

The young Kenyan pastor lives life at large with a lot of cars and a flashy lifestyle. She started walking in this road when a pastor of her church told that she would become a prophet in the future. After such a statement, she engaged in church activities and became what she was told. The young pastor joined Huruma’s Redeemed Gospel Church back in 2011, and later she established her own company named “Prophetic Glory Ministries International.”

She goes around the world preaching and to speak as a conventional and guest speaker about Christianity. Her shows and works earn her a pretty handsome amount of money. The Pastor spends her money in her life and mostly in buying cars. She owns a line of various luxury cars including the Toyota Harrier 3000cc, a Toyota Fortuner, range rover and also a Mercedes E class. Those are costly cars so we can say that she earns huge sums of money.

Rev Lucy Natasha Age, Husband, Married, Net Worth, Cars, Books, Bio
Caption: Reverend Lucy Natasha at her office


However, the official information about her actual net worth is still not available. As of now, the net worth of the Kenyan pastor is still under reviews.

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Rev Lucy Natasha Bio

Lucy Natasha is very secretive about her personal life. We only know that she was born in the 24th of July.

She was raised by her single mother along with other two siblings. Her brother’s name is Shafique and also has a sister named Shiphra. She is a Kenyan citizen who was brought up in the Eastlands of Huruma. She joined a local school in Umoja and later moved to South Africa for higher studies. Lucy came back from there as a public relation and theology graduate.

Reverend Lucy Natasha is a beautiful and attractive woman with an average height and a brown skin complexion.