Audrey Cleo Yap is an American news and media reporter who has worked with several top-notch companies including ESPN, Glamour, Variety, LLC, NBC News, and other more.

Yap, a media worker from an Asian background, however, keeps her private life extremely private without leaving out a single hint for her fans to know. But, here’s what her fans shall need to know.

Audrey Cleo Yap Is Married

Media reporter Audrey Cleo Yap is a happily taken woman by her husband. Yap has been married since December 2018 as the news personality shared the news herself on social media by sharing wedding pictures.

Audrey Cleo Yap in Hawaii where she married.
Source: Audrey Cleo Yap Instagram

Yap donned a white off-shoulder bridal gown as she posed on the beach for her wedding photoshoot. Audrey and her boyfriend turned husband choose Hawaii for their wedding destination and the Beach House Restaurant Kauai for the venue.

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In addition, Yap’s fairytale wedding pictures were taken by photographer Naomi Wong who agreed to not disclose any of her husband’s pictures as per their agreement. Besides, Audrey and her husband are also yet to start a family of their own.

Audrey Cleo Yap’s Career; Know Her Net Worth & Salary

Audrey Cleo Yap has been writing for Variety in the recent years and the media company reportedly pays their reporter and journalists an annual salary in the range of $58,000 – $80,000, as per Paysa.

Yap alongside actor Cole Sprouse.
Source: Audrey Cleo Yap

And, whilst Yap’s monthly exact number of her monthly salary is unknown, Yap might make even greater than that since she has been also involved with and worked with other companies that include NBC News, Shondaland, CMJ Productions II Inc., ESPN, LLC, E! News and other more.

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Yap is believed to have a net worth of no less than $200,000. She accumulated such big amount of wealth by working in the journalism field over the years.

Quick Facts Of Audrey Cleo Yap

  • Yap has interviewed celebrities including Orlando Bloom, Billie Eilish and Cole Sprouse.
  • Audrey was raised in Thousands Oaks, California with a sister.
  • Yap is a dog lover and has a puppy named Ozzy.
  • Yap has done voluntary work with UNICEF and LAPD.
  • Alum of USC Annenberg where she graduated with a Mater’s degree in Journalism.
  • Audrey can speak Mandarin.
  • Born in 1985, Audrey Cleo Yap celebrates her birthday on 25th January.

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